10 Sep 10:25

This past weekend players from all around Sub-Saharan African took to the ACGL website and Injustice 2 to battle it out for the opportunity to compete for placement into the Legendary League and R1000 in cash prizes. The first qualifier would set the tone for weeks to come and only two players, out of the 32 that entered, would qualify for the Legendary League. 

The Qualifiers  (7 September)

Players from over four Southern African Nations (Kenya, South Africa Zambia and Zimbabwe) gathered at 14:00 SAST to get themselves checked-in and ready to test their might against some of the best fighters in Africa. The first day of play would whittle the competition down to the final four players who would go head-to-head on Sunday (8 September) on live stream via the ACGL YouTube channel. 

Starting off the day there were a significant amount of upsets, here are some of the biggest: 

Winners Bracket 

After almost two hours of play, there were only two players who remain undefeated throughout the competition, FTG Sho Kahn (the winner of the I2CZA tournament) and Killjoy the Panda. Thanks to stellar performances from both of these players in the winner's bracket, they both managed to qualify for the final day of play on Sunday. It has to be noted that FTG Sho Kahn made it through scratch free as he did not drop a single round throughout the qualifiers on day one. 

Losers Bracket 

Over in the loser's bracket, the skirmishes were well under way as it took over four hours before we finally found our two next finalist. The first being FTG ACF17, who managed to successfully make it through after defeating his teammate FTG Aryba Stacks. The second player who qualified was non-other that Yologodlord (aka ZAZA) who came into the tournament as one of the favourites from outside South Africa. 

The Finals (8 September) 

The last day of play saw an interesting matchup of players as there were two representatives from Zambia and two from South Africa. 

In our first match the South African Favourite, Sho Kahn, went on to face his Zambian counterpart Killjoy the Panda. 

The second match saw FTG ACF17 take on Yologodlord and before we give you any spoilers you can view both matches below 


  • Winner's Bracket Final:  Sho Kahn (2) vs (0) Killjoy the Panda
  • Loser's Bracket Semi-Final: FTG ACF17 (0) vs (2) Yologodlord 
  • Loser's Bracket Final: Yologodlord (0) vs (2) Killjoy the Panda 
  • Grand Final: Sho Kahn (2) vs (0) Killjoy the Panda 

[View the Bracket


  • 1st - Sho Kahn: R600 in cash and qualifies for the Legendary League 
  • 2nd - Killjoy the Panda: R400 in cash and qualifiers for the Legendary League  

You can register right now for the second Injustice 2 Legendary Series Qualifier. 

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