$20,000 Zero Hour +1 Warzone Showdown | South African Qualifiers Announced

South Africa has been invited to participate in the Zero Hour +1 Warzone Showdown event for the EMEA region where there will be a $20,000 prize pool! We are absolutely thrilled to have been asked to assist with a South African qualifier to find four teams that will compete in the finals of the event on 22 December 2020.

The series will be unique in that the qualifier will be for teams of trios... but with a twist. While the top four trio teams after the qualifier on Friday 18 December will progress to the EMEA finals, the three players will not be going alone. Each trio will be going into battle with one of the four South African streamers invited to represent South Africa in the event.

The four streamers invited are:

The four teams will select their streamer teammate based on their qualifier placement on 18 December.



  • Register and sign up your team on the tournament page
  • Jump in and compete in the qualifier from 19h00 on 18 December
  • The format will be killrace on Rebirth Island with Resurgence Trios 
  • Finish top four on the night and select your streamer
  • Spend the weekend practicing in preparation for the drop against other qualifying teams in the EMEA
  • Show the world what South African Warzone players are made of

The EMEA Showdown final will be played as a killrace format via the general quads game mode. 

You can find out more about the Zero Hour +1 Warzone Showdown South African qualifier via the dedicated page at acgl.co.za/wz.

The Cold War Season One officially launched on 16 December. The update to Cold War brings new operators, multiplayer maps and modes, weapons, and more. The Warzone update brings Rebirth Island, a new Gulag experience, weapons, operators, and more. You can secure some of the items instantly via the Battle Pass launching this week.