Connect to a millennial gaming audience via the ACGL online gaming platform. The ACGL online gaming platform is where you can start your competitive journey by playing, socializing and competing against some of the best gamers in Africa.



Provide an entry point for gamers to connect and compete against one another on a regular basis via our automated and fully supported competitive gaming platform.

Our platform allows for a wide variety of scalable projects which allow us to engage with gamers in daily competitions, as well as leagues and tournaments over a longer period of time. One of Africa's leading gaming platforms which target groups consists of gaming enthusiasts, esports players and fans, generally male 18-24 with above average income and education.

Engage gamers around your brand

Sponsor and brand competitions via our scalable platform in a authentic way daily, weekly or monthly.


Speak directly to the millennial market through ACGL and competitive gaming via a non-intrusive and authentic way.

Ad value to your campaign

Feature your brand via our online achievements, branded avatars, video content and live streaming.

Reach and audience

We currently have over 10 000 users on the ACGL platform and are growing every single day. ACGL caters to a Sub Saharan African audience, with 78% of our user base being based in South Africa.


Here are some of our main features.

  • Social & team solutions for gamers
  • Team creation, management, chats, communities etc. for an accessible gaming experience.
  • Fully automated competitions
  • Fully automated competitions. Possibility to run near infinite number of leagues and tournaments.
Direct sales

Launch and sell products to players by offering discounts and promotions.

Admins & support 24/7

Kind and professional admins online to help out all the time. Can be reached via live chat almost 24/7.

Streamed tournaments on-demand

We provide streamed tournaments with pro esports commentators to regular gamers.

Pro-player experience for non-pros

High-quality, streamed tournaments and matches gives gamers the chance to play like the pros.