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4 Years & 7 Months
TEAMS 8015
MEET THE #ACGLFamily Below you will be able to find some of our ACGL staff that are contributing, each in their own way, to grow South African Gaming. If you want to join the squad, contact us at
Clint Clint O'Shea
Owner | part-time Zombie
Holden Nick Holden
Owner | resident tall person
Mitch Mitch Stroebel
Online Manager | Spooky boi
Dylan Dylan Rosser
LAN Team | official warning giver
Rob Rob Klarenbeek
LAN Team | Dance Revolution Champ
ACGL Astrid Astrid Lochner
LAN Team | Photo taker
marc Marc Funnel
Online Team | Oreo enthusiast
DR Cheese Arne van der Walt
Online Team | cheese expert
jason Jason Parry
Online Team | maker of apps
kalven Kalven De Oliveira
Online Team | Bearded guy
brody Brody Vernon
Online Team | Spooky Boi #2
Hash Marius du Toit
GFX, VFX, wow