We are pleased to announce that we will be offering all qualifying local organisations the opportunity to immortalise themselves with a branded avatar kit.



We initially trialled the concept of MGO avatar kits a few months back with Bravado Gaming, Energy Esports and ViNCO Gaming, and now the time has come to expand that to (almost) everyone else. There will be a few changes implemented to the avatar kit sales, and organisations applying will need to go through a vetting process.

Going forward, the team avatar kits will be free to everyone. Players and supporters will be able to don their team's kit or show who they are rooting for whenever they like. Add them to your avatar by going to your user menu (top right corner) and clicking on Avatar Editor.

Any organisation wishing to have the virtual kit available to our (over 17,000) registered users can make an application to us via this link. You will be requested to supply details on how long your organisation has been operating and links to your social media accounts. You will also need to have existing real-world branded gear and link us to the most recent version. The application must also be made by an authorised member of the team or organisation - preferably a manager or captain. Our administration team will vet the application and notify you of the outcome.

Should your application be approved, the final requirement is a once-off payment of R500. This is to cover the costs of producing the kit for the website and other expenses to bring it to life. An avatar kit will feature a top, cap and a new avatar face.

The vetting process is being put in place to ensure you are an active organisation that engages with - and ensures the growth of - the local community. The charge - while covering the costs inherint in making the kits - also ensures your organisation's serious intend to continue with said engagement and growth.

*Please note that we will not accept applications from teams who have not been around for at least six months. It is important to us that teams are established and want to be an ongoing brand in the scene.

If you have any additional comments, questions or queries please contact us via our social media or email us at admin@acgl.co.za.


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