Our team has been working hard behind the scenes to make sure we bring the site and our standards in line with the POPI Act coming into effect on 1 July 2021.

The main things:

  • We have a new Cookies pop-up. If you do not accept, you will have a limited experience on the site.
  • You can download your data via the Privacy Policy page.
  • You can delete your profile via the Privacy Policy page.
  • YouTube videos will require your consent when viewing.


We take your privacy seriously, and would like to inform you of some of the important changes and updates we have made over the last few months, as well as to give you details on what you need to do with regards to your personal data.

Firstly, we have streamlined the number of third-party plugins, software and apps that collect your data.

The most obvious addition on the ACGL and ACGL Uni site when you arrive is the addition of a Cookies pop-up. You may still view the site by not accepting the Cookies, but you will be affected with a limited experience. We only make limited use of Cookies to ensure your user experience around the site easier.

On acceptance of Cookies, your login information will be retained for 30 days and you will get access to third-party content (like YouTube videos). The acceptance of Cookies will be valid for 100 days, or until we notify you of an update to our Privacy Policy. If you want to change your Cookie settings, you can do so via the option on the Privacy page -- as long as you are logged in to your account.

There you will also find an option to download your personal data as collected by us via the site. You can also choose to delete your account on the page (as well as via your profile page).

Some of our partners and sponsors may want to make contact with you when participating in their events or tournaments. In this case, you will be notified of the requirement on sign up. On check-in, you will then be prompted to complete an abridged 'Form 4' which acknowledges your consent for our third-party partner to contact you. Should they make contact you will be offered an 'opt-out' option to further marketing or emails.

If you wish to contact us on anything POPIA or data related, you can send an email to admin@acgl.co.za with your query.

Thank you for your ongoing support. 


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