Today we pleased to announce the return of our shop, and with it a brand new series of avatar kits.

These new avatar kits celebrate local esports teams, and allow their fans to show their support on the ACGL site.

More than just an avatar

When you purchase the team kits, you don’t only show visible support for the team but help them keep their operations going as 50% of the proceeds will be passed directly on to their management team.

And before the questions come rolling in… yes, we will be expanding the list of team kits in the future but it will be based on a number of requirements which we will detail in the future.

We have kicked things off with three recognizable and established teams in:

Bravado Gaming 

Bravado Gaming is Africa's (located in South Africa) premiere multi-gaming organization and serves home to some of the best local and international competitive gamers (e-sports) while simultaneously building a lifestyle, gaming brand. It is our aim to help the progression of e-sports both locally and internationally by raising levels of competition and increasing public involvement and developing corporate opportunities.

Established in 2006, as one of South Africa's oldest competitive teams, Bravado continues to grow from strength to strength.

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Energy Esports 

Founded in 2012, Energy Esports is a professional multi-gaming organisation (MGO) that competes at the highest level of competitive Gaming in South Africa.

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ViNCO Gaming

Vinco Gaming was founded by Brandon "Swarley" De Pontes in March 2013 and became an official Brand 26th April 2013. We are and MGO that started out in COD on console and moved into HALO and FIFA. ViNCO Gaming has ventured into the PC side of esports via CS:GO and PUBG and hope to have the same amount of brand impact as they have had on console.

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There's more!

Alongside these exciting supporter kits, we will be adding additional purchasable avatar kits. These will help you show off your personality, and will also help us keep doing what we are – operating weekly free-to-enter tournaments across a variety of titles.

The avatar kits which are available for free will also be listed on the shop. Details of how you can secure them on the house will be listed, but if you’re keen on a shortcut, they will be purchasable too.

The shop will also add additional items over time and once again become the home of our event tickets and more.

Should you have any questions please feel free to email us or contact us via one of our platforms below: 



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