Win (even) more with Mythic Royale Season Two

With the recent announcement of season two of the Mythic Royale for Fortnite, we promised more opportunities to win. And today, we are pleased to reveal the how and what of that statement.


Mythic Relics is a reward you earn for simply competing in any of the Mythic Royale Fortnite related activities. You do not need to win to earn it. All you have to do is simply play. The more often you play, the more Mythic Relics you will earn.

Of course, there is no point to earning Mythic Relics if there is no way to use them. And there we have you covered. Over the next five months, the Mythic Royale sponsors will be offering up some amazing products that you can win.

To get in line for prizes valued at well over R40,000, you can use your Mythic Relics to enter the various raffles for each product. You can choose how to spend them too. Spend more on the product you most want, or spread your spend on more products? That is up to you.


Whenever, you complete a Mythic Royale Fortnite match - whether a cup, matchfinder or others - you will be rewarded with one Mythic Relic. Each entry into a raffle will deduct one Mythic Relic from your profile.

Every two weeks, new products will be rotated into the raffles. Products include Crucial SSDs, Redragon peripherals and Sparkfox console combos.

Over the five months of the Mythic Royale, there is one mammoth prize bundle on the line. MSI is sponsoring a hardware bundle valued at around R11,000. The bundle includes a MSI GTX 1660 graphics card and a MSI MAG241C monitor!

To get yourself into these fantastic draws, start earning and then spend your Mythic Relics here.


As with season one of Mythic Royale, the new season brings a new Avatar Kit for your profile on the site. The new Avatar Kit is all about the Mythic Relics and the hunt for them.

To secure the use of the new Avatar Kit, simply spend one of your Mythic Relics on a raffle and the Avatar Kit will be yours.


The more you play, the more options you have to win. So remember to register your interest in the monthly cash finale. Compete in the weekly cups, bi-monthly direct qualifiers and daily matchfinders to secure your spot in the finale. Even if you don't make the cash finale, remember to spend the Mythic Relics you have earned for playing, and you could win!

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