If you thought that the #MythicRoyale was only a single season activity, we're pleased to let you know that it wasn't. Season Two is very real and it will bring you more.

More ways to compete. More ways to qualify. And more ways to win. This is all thanks to the partners and sponsors of the Mythic Royale: MSI, Redragon, Sparkfox, and Crucial. There will again be R30,000 in cash up for grabs over the next five months. However, there will also be plenty of products too, with a number of mechanics available to secure your loot.

Season Two is already underway. If you have been competing in our Fortnite cups and new look matchfinders, you are already on part of the system. You can register your interest in the first finale scheduled for 1 August. As with Season One, grinding via the cups and matchfinders to earn Elo remains one of your qualifying options. Secure the needed placing in the leaderboard and you will be competing in the monthly custom lobby for the cash on offer.


However, we have added another, more direct qualifying option too. Twice a month, we will host a custom lobby direct qualifier. This qualifier will match the format of the monthly finale. For July, Trios is the name of the game. Be one of the top five Trios in each of July's direct qualifiers and you are in the money playoffs.

However, you may want to keep playing. It's great practice, and will lead into yet another opportunity to win products from our partners. Details on this will be revealed next week.

If you or your team do not qualify for the main finale, do not fret, there will now be a monthly Challenger Cup. This will be an opportunity for players who fall just outside of the main event to compete in a custom lobby for rewards.

Play as you always have on our site, but expect to find more ways to be rewarded and make your way into the monthly finale.



  • 17 + 24 July: Mythic Royale Custom Qualifier
  • 31 July: Mythic Royale Challenger Cup
  • 1 August: Mythic Royale Finale


  • 8 + 15 August:  Mythic Royale Custom Qualifier
  • 28 August: Mythic Royale Challenger Cup
  • 29 August: Mythic Royale Finale


  • 5 + 12 September: Mythic Royale Custom Qualifier
  • 25 September: Mythic Royale Challenger Cup
  • 26 September Mythic Royale Finale


  • 3 + 10 October: Mythic Royale Custom Qualifier
  • 30 October: Mythic Royale Challenger Cup
  • 31 October: Mythic Royale Finale


  • 7 + 14 November: Mythic Royale Custom Qualifier
  • 27 November: Mythic Royale Challenger Cup
  • 28 November: Mythic Royale Finale

Additional information and content - including format - around each month's finale and cups will be made via our site and social media.

Each month’s finale will be streamed live via the ACGL YouTube channel.


Standby for announcements about a new Avatar Kit, as well as a new unique edition to the season that will reward you for competing regularly. Further announcements will be made over the next week via our site and social media. 

To follow or talk about the series, please use the campaign hashtag: #MythicRoyale.

For more information about the #MythicRoyale tournament powered by MSI, Redragon, Sparkfox, and Crucial including dates and rules, or the registration page, please visit acgl.co.za/mythic. Registration is open right now.

How Mythic Royale works

The #MythicRoyale is brought to you by:

MSI: Site | Twitter | Facebook | Sparkfox: Site | Redragon: Site | Twitter | Facebook | Crucial: Site



  • vG Mars10 Jul 16:02

    Can't wait !!!

  • Hamza on 60fps_180ping10 Jul 18:41

    Hopefully these guys add me unlike last time 🤞🏼

  • ACGL_Dredd11 Jul 7:32

    You need to remember to register your interest for a monthly qualifier and ensure you then earn your spot, or you won't be added.

  • WARP_GAMING_2314 Jul 16:15

    Hoi please privatly message me and tell me how to enter /participate and how exaclty it works vos i don't undertsnd

  • Craz-E18 Jul 1:18

    Admin how does qualifying work , will top 15 in the mythic matchfinder for this season be invited ?

  • NIP_Krazyyy08 Aug 18:25

    Where do I submit my scores?

  • ACGL_Dredd08 Aug 18:49

    All the info is available on the tournament page (where you signed up).

  • DarkxLiyz08 Aug 18:59

    Where do I get the codes

  • ACGL_Dredd08 Aug 19:07

    They are listed on the match page. As it says on the tournament page where you signed up.

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