17 Sep 10:36

After an eventful and exciting first week of qualifiers, we eventually managed to find our top two contenders for the Injustice 2 Legendary League. Last week Saturday was marked as the kick-off of the second qualifiers. Players from all around Sub-Saharan Africa took to the gruelling 32 player double-elimination bracket in order to try to prove themselves worthy opposition for the Legendary League.  

The Qualifiers (15 September) 

The qualifiers kicked off on Saturday at 2 pm where players from over six different African countries (Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe) gathered to test their might against one another in the first day of play. 

One of the stand-out players on the first day of play was non-other than Mr 5000. The Zambian based player was looking extremely impressive and just like his favourite character, he Flash-ed his way through to the Winners Bracket Final without dropping a single round. There he faced Elamac who was tested all the way through, as every proceeding match he narrowly won 2-1. Not leaving anyone disappointed, Mr 5000, managed to retain his unscratched performance as he swept Elamac to the losers bracket, winning the match 2-0 and guaranteeing his spot in the Legendary League.  

The loser's bracket was filling up with some big names. Last weeks fourth-place finisher, FTG ACF17,  managed to prove his worth as he beat his fellow teammate, FTG Moseey, to qualify for the Loser's Bracket Semi-Final. Awaiting him was non-other than FTG Aryba Stacks who narrowly came out victorious against Illidan

Only four players would remain to contend for the next two available spots in the Legendary League on day two, the Finals. 

The Finals (16 September) 

On Sunday, we found ourselves with our Final Four. 

  • The Losers Bracket Semi Final: FTG Aryba Stacks Vs FTG ACF17  
  • The Losers Bracket Final: Elamac Vs Winner of LB Semi Final 
  • The Grand Final: Mr 5000 Vs Winner of LB Final 

If you don't want any spoilers, be sure to catch the video below: 


  • The Losers Bracket Semi Final: FTG Aryba Stacks (0) Vs  (2) FTG ACF17  
  • The Losers Bracket Final: Elamac (0) Vs (2) FTG ACF17 
  • The Grand Final: Mr 5000 (2) Vs (0) FTG ACF17 

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  • 1st - MR 5000: R600 in cash and qualifies for the Legendary League
  • 2nd - FTG ACG17 R400 in cash and qualifies for the Legendary League 

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