On 16 and 17 March 2019, GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World played host to a slightly different version of the third Afresports event, while MWEB joined as sponsors for the third time in a row.

This year saw the UCON event by the UCT Genshiken Society join us to offer a wider variety of geek culture elements alongside our more casual tournament experiences.

Over the course of the weekend we hosted a R3,000 FIFA 19 tournament, a number of fighting tournaments, fastest lap and highest score events. We also added an inter-varsity element which saw FIFA players from the University of Cape Town (UCT) compete against players from Stellenbosch University.

Below we wrap up the results and winners from the various events.

FIFA 19 Tournament

Saturday saw around 32 players compete for their share of the R3,000 cash up for grabs. The format was a double elimination bracket that saw a number of familiar faces struggling, while a number of new players proved their mettle. 

The final standings:

  1. FIFATEKKZ [R1,500]
  2. ColouredF2Tekkz [R750]
  3. uzairabrahams310 [R500]
  4. GMStrrrr [R250]

Inter-Varsity FIFA 19

On Sunday, 11 players from UCT and 11 players from Stellenbosch University were scheduled to face off in a battle to determine the strongest university of the two in FIFA 19.

Only ten UCT players appeared on the day, but that had little impact on the format and matches. However, an errant UCT player after the lunch break may have impacted on the overall standings as his two remaining matches saw forfeit wins awarded to the Stellenbosch team. Considering that Stellenbosch went on to secure the overall top spot by only three points (one match win), might suggest what could have been had the player ensured he played.

Overall however, the atmosphere was electric at times with players supporting their teammates in a way that we have not seen for some time in local competitive events.

This inaugural event will be further expanded on by us in the future, so we suggest universities watch this (or another) space.

DiRT 2.0 Rally

The fastest time trial event was sponsored by Apex Interactive over the weekend, with winners being awarded prizes from their product range.

  • Saturday: Juan-Jacques Forgus [3:43:679]
  • Sunday: Luke Addison [3:19:741]

Apex Legends

Apex Interactive contined support with the game that is almost their namesake. Players could try throughout the two days to get the highest number of kills in a match and stand to bag a 'Bloody Legendary Apex Hamper'. It had even more Apex Interactive goodies than you could hope for in case you were wondering.

  • Saturday: Brandon [4 Kills]
  • Sunday: Jaewoo [5 Kills]

Redragon Rebuild Race

Redragon's local distributor Syntech took a bit of a risk with this originally. Who would want us to willingly destroy their keyboards (well, remove all the keys at least) and let attendees rebuild them to win (new) versions of the product. Almost 100 people wanted a piece of the action with winning times coming in at just over five minutes, while the longest attempt took over 30 minutes. That kind of dedication to complete the task can only be applauded.

Fighting Tournaments

Rather than host a pre-registered system for the fighting tournaments, smaller more regular tournaments were hosted throughout the weekend and open to all attendees. Cash and products were on offer and all of the tournaments hosted saw capacity hit without any real effort, proving there are more gamers keen to compete than is general thought. Tekken 7 and Injustice 2 saw a variety of 16-player tournaments and around 60 players in total.

A Thank You

Afresports could only be possible thanks to a variety of sponsors, partners and selfless volunteers and crew. This year, MWEB once again proved they are supporters of gaming by sponsoring the event and assisting with additional equipment. GrandWest were once again a gracious and accomodating venue. Apex Interactive and Redragon ensured that attendees had plenty to play for.

We would like to thank the UCT Genshiken Society for joining us on the journey. The biggest thanks - as always - is saved for the volunteers and crew that make sure the event is set up, operated and broken down again without anyone almost noticing. The ACGL management team does, and we appreciate it all.

Until next time we guess...

Should you have any questions please feel free to email us or contact us via one of our platforms below: 


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