This past weekend saw a monumental moment in South African esports as the top participants in the LevelFox Showdown for FIFA 22 and Rocket League faced off live at Atlantic Studios in Cape Town.

Over the course of around nine hours, the players battled for glory in front of a live studio - and home - audience, bringing to life some of the best matches ever witnessed locally per title.


The action on the day got underway first with FIFA 22, as the top four players competed for their share of the R15,000 cash prize pool.

Semifinal one saw scene stalwart Mubeen 'MOBiZILLA' Gaffoor facing off against Kaylan 'Unbilledtiara74' Moodley. Kaylan came out firing early on to secure a comfortable two-leg win against Mubeen. With Kaylan ensuring his place in the final, eyes turned to the second semifinal of the day.

As with the first semifinal, this was essentially a Cape Town versus Gauteng affair as Zuhayr 'Fifatekkz_Zuhayr' Abrahams took on Ubaid 'Pirates Ubaid' Mahomed. However, unlike the first semifinal, this time around it was the Capetonian, Zuyhar, who took the series to head to the final.

The south versus north theme continued with the third and fourth playoff. Mubeen and Ubaid pushed each other throughout an intense third-leg series, which ultimately the man from the north (and representing Pirates Esports) took 2-1.

There was plenty of excitement for the finals, as two of the scene's younger players prepared to claim the champion's crown. In another scintillating match played in front of a growing crowd, one of South Africa's best FIFA players took another championship, as Kaylan secured a 2-0 series win over a resiliant Zuhayr.

Final Standings:

  • 1st Place: Kaylan 'Unbilledtiara74' Moodley [R7,500]
  • 2nd Place: Zuhayr 'Fifatekkz_Zuhayr' Abrahams [R3,500]
  • 3rd place: Ubaid 'Pirates Ubaid' Mahomed [R2,500]
  • 4th place: Mubeen 'MOBiZILLA' Gaffoor [R1,500]


The second half of the event brought the remaining three teams from the Rocket League online qualifiers into the double elimination playoff at the venue. With Orlando Pirates Exdee, Bravado Gaming and Out Of Retirement in attendance, the promise of some insane Rocket League action was on the cards. And the teams did not disappoint.

Out Of Retirement features one of South Africa's youngest Rocket League players, alongside a number of older players who - you guessed it - came out of retirement. The team faced Bravado Gaming first, and immediately found the going tough. Bravado Gaming eased past the team in comprehensive fashion to secure a winner's bracket final place against Pirates Exdee.

Currently, Orlando Pirates Exdee might be considered South Africa's top team, and in the second match of they day, they certainly proved that by pushing past Bravado Gaming to secure their grand final place.

This meant a loser's bracket match that was a repeat of the day's first Rocket League series. On the line this time another life in the competition and the chance to upset the awaiting team in the grand final. Bravado Gaming appeared to return to their earlier rhythm and ensured a second victory over the Out Of Retirement team.

The grand final was the kind of match-up everyone in attendance would have been hoping for. Orlando Pirates Exdee had the advantage with Bravado Gaming needing two victories in a row to secure the top spot, while Orlando Pirates Exdee simply needed to take a series. The match started at breakneck speed, with Bravado Gaming fighting back to grab a series win and ensure a bracket reset and leaving everything to play for in the day's final series.

The back and forth between the two teams continued in the second series, with everything going sown to the wire as Bravado Gaming defied expectations to secure the champion's crown over Orlando Pirates Exdee to an enthralled audience.

Final Standings:

  • 1st Place: Bravado Gaming [R13,000]
  • 2nd Place: Orlando Pirates Exdee [R7,000]
  • 3rd place: Out Of Retirement [R5,000]

If you are keen to see what you missed out on, we have the entire day's stream available for you on our YouTube channel. You can find the event's photo album by Moe_ThePhotographer on our Facebook page.


The LevelFox Showdown event would not have been possible without a number of partners, crew, sponsors, players and attendees. So please join us in acknowledging everyone who was part of bringing the event to life, with special mentions to:

We hope to see you all again soon.

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