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2 weeks ago

Hi there Amigo
Please see below Google doc I have created.
It contains most of the SA content creators that I know of , to make things nice and central for all content needs , like if you need a caster for your DGL game/ ACGL tournament , i have marked known casters. or if you simply want to be entertained you can check out everyone's Youtube and Twitch (apologies if I forgot your name).
To stop people from griefing the document , i have only enabled viewing and commenting. So if you are looking for info , you are welcome to copy.
You want to edit something or add your channel please do the following:
1.Right click the cell.
2.Insert Comment
3. Leave what you want and press "Comment"
I will make the changes :)
If you need any help let me know.

Warm Regards
Community Manager
Wiat "SinisterSmiley" Marais ^_^

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2 weeks ago

Hi there friends and welcome to the ACGL LOLinSA page ^_^

I hope everyone is having a fantastic time!
We currently have many people actively streaming and creating great content. Please go support them! ( I will be posting all their links here as soon as I am sure i have collected them all)
With Leg one of VSGL (DGL) closed and leg two staring again soon, I encourage everyone to go and look around for teams , or even create a casual team with some of your buddies (everyone is welcome and having fun AND improving at the same time can be a great idea).
We are also planning on doing many more tournaments soon , so please stay tuned for that.
For general posting , news , friendly banter and discussion , please feel free to post here or even on the LOLinSA facebook page ( )
Please feel free to hit me up (anywhere) if you have any suggestions or need any assistance and I will see if i can help you ;)

Warm Regards
LOLinSA Admin and community manager
Wiat "SinisterSmiley" Marais

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