The rAge 2020 Digital Edition was a great one that would not have been without your support and Involvement. We had tournaments, leaderboards, treasure hunts, the wheel of fortune and a whole lot more. And there were winners. Lots of winners.

This article is to congratulate all the tournament winners, as well as the random draw and instant draw winners.

Please note that product winners will begin receiving emails (to the emails used to register on the site). Cash prize winners will be contacted by an admin to arrange bank details. These processes may take a few days to complete, so please bear with us. However, if you have not received an email (and it is not in your junkmail) by 13 November, please contact to assist further.

Without further ado, congratulations to the following winners!



  • 16Gb RGB RAM: MechHeadZA | Killer1 | Lady_Nush
  • 1MORE Colorbuds: Beetle001 | Arno | NerdyDamsel
  • Black ACGL Hoodie: Elisha | Danielle1
  • Grey ACGL Hoodie: Quinnyx
  • MSI bundle: PsychYt_ | DemonWhiteFang
  • Power Bank: Red_Hulk | DreamMachine | MetalOx43239541
  • PS4 Combo: kinglou256 | Darkreaper10
  • Redragon Storm: Gracoza1
  • Redragon Vishnu: Konquer
  • Redragon Zeus: Red_Hulk
  • XB1 Combo: Tonnie | SoulExodus86 | SkyFudgey
  • 480GB SSD: Ludwigᵏᵒᵛᵃᵃᵏˢ | I am winning | Jayme
  • Redragon PC Hamper: Bobby bop | Trans7er | Keezwetter
  • MSI Atlas: TITANFALL538
  • MSI B550M Mortar: disTroiT
  • Mobile Hamper: Deedee19 | KittKatt | QUICKLLAMA_ZA
  • MSI DS502: Huraira ebrahim
  • MSI FORGE Chassis: ♧gamebuddies♧
  • Romoss Power Bank: Beep boop | ShiedoBlade | 5D Niloo
  • MSI GC30: Kenpachi
  • Switch Combo: Xv1da | SpyridonZA | Punishers BruceShark
  • MadCatz White: Yellow dragon | Nth | SirNukeBoy
  • MadCatz Blue: Kingdev801 | JCtheCreat3r | critstyling
  • MadCatz Red: RDW17 | B3an_ZA | Darth Mayhem

The Wheel of Fortune would not have been possible without these brands:
1MORECrucial MemoryMSIRAVPowerRedragonRomossSparkfox and TaoTronics.



  • COD Mobile: HYBRID [R4,000]
  • League of Legends: ATK Goon Squad [R4,000]
  • Rocket League: EXPANDAS [R4,000]
  • Apex Legends: Elite Gaming [R1,000]
  • COD Warzone: Sloth Kings [R1,000]
  • FIFA 21: Zaz1000 [R750]
  • Fortnite: Kareem [R750]
  • Rainbow Six Siege: Motion Esports [R1,500]


  • Apex Legends: imgenin
  • COD Mobile: TTD丨BLADE
  • COD Warzone: Ray_
  • F1 2020: Ignitez
  • Fortnite: Wilkie
  • PUGB Mobile: Shortboyslim


  • Clash Royale: Lordsmith
  • FIFA 21: Darth Mayhem
  • Fortnite: Konquer
  • Mortal Kombat 11: KillJoy837

The leaderboard and matchfinder prizes were sponsored by RoccatRazer and Turtle Beach

Our thanks once again for all the support over the rAge weekend. We hope to offer you these opportunities to win again soon.

*Draws were conducted using

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