16 Jan 11:50

Yesterday we announced our online plans for 2018 which included a ranking system, credits, cash prizes and our shop. But really, why would we stop there?

Our plans for 2018 and beyond set out in the conscious knowledge that with more opportunities to play and compete we will lead to a strengthening pool of players in the country. We also believe that those opportunities should be as accessible as possible while still offering players multiple ways to gauge their skill level against others.

In that regard, our XP ranking system will play a big part in everything we do - and that includes LAN events. We are aware however that players may feel it's a little difficult to attend LAN events if they were only based in one city, essentially robbing players of the opportunity to secure XP.

That is why we are pleased to announce our 2018 series of 'Minor' LANs around South Africa. To successfully achieve a multi-city rollout of this, we will be partnering with established brands and venues in Cape Town, Gauteng, Durban and Port Elizabeth to ensure travel costs are kept in check while allowing players to experience Call of Duty, FIFA, fighting and more in a LAN environment.

We will be retaining regional ranking leaderboards, while all XP earned will count to overall standings in the national seasonal ranking leaderboard.

Generally, the tournaments will be held concurrently at the various venues using the same rulesets, structures, entry fees and cash prize pool allocation. They are also intended to encourage players in regions to 'pick-up' players to ensure everyone gets a chance to compete.


You can now book your team passes for the first event here.


Minor LAN Partners

Western Cape:

Hosted by ACGL in collaboration with MWEB GameZone

"MWEB GameZone are excited to assist ACGL in hosting this series of LAN events. Events like these create opportunities for the South African gaming community to grow. ACGL has always been great partner making events like these accessible to all." - Derrick Kaylor, Product Manager of New Servces and Gaming at MWEB.

Check out MWEB GameZone Website FacebookYouTube | Twitter


Hosted by The Nexus

"With the Nexus Hub being selected as a venue for the exciting ACGL Minor league initiative shows there are like minded companies with the same objective; providing a platform that creates sustainable growth in esports and enables gamers the opportunity to turn pro.

We are proud to be a part of what we are sure will be the premier minors league for years to come." - Tex Hartog, Director - Nexus Hub

Check out the Nexus Hub WebsiteFacebook | Twitter

Port Elizabeth:

Hosted by: Plan-G Gaming

"The ACGL Minors program is truly the definition of competitive gaming.

Finally we have a progressive league structure in South Africa that caters for online and in-person (LAN) tournaments with an end goal in mind.

Plan-G are honoured to form this partnership with ACGL and we are truly excited as we embark on the journey that lies ahead." - Tarquin Accum, Founder of Plan G.

Check out Plan-G WebsiteFacebookYouTube


Hosted By Geek Patrol

Our Durban partner Geek Patrol - a human-focused tech consultancy and solutions team based in Umhlanga - is excited to share their space with our Durban-based players.

"Guided by our 'human, tech, solved' vision, Geek Patrol strives to create a safe, collaborative and inclusive space for tech-enthusiasts, and to grow Durban’s geek culture. Our recent #GeekGamingNight has been a great start in creating awareness, and we hope to create broader impact in KZN through our contribution to ACGL’s Minor LAN leagues this year," shares Kemlyn Pillay, General Manager of Geek Patrol.

Check out Geek Patrol Website | Facebook | YouTube

Tournament Dates

3 February - Call of Duty (4v4) - 2K XP

  • Confirmed Operators: ACGL @MWEB GameZone, The Nexus and Plan-G
  • Registrations Open: 22 January

23 - 25 March - FIFA 18 and Injustice 2 (PE Only) - 2K XP

  • Hosted at the ConFUZE Expo via Plan-G
  • Registrations Open: 26 February

31 March - FIFA 18 and Injustice 2  - 2K XP

  • Confirmed Operators: ACGL @MWEB GameZone, The Nexus and Geek Patrol
  • Registrations Open: 26 February

7 April - Call of Duty  (4v4) - 2K XP

  • Confirmed Operators: ACGL @MWEB GameZone, The Nexus, Plan-G and Geek Patrol
  • Registrations Open:  5 March

5 May - FIFA 18 and Injustice 2 - 2K XP

  • Confirmed Operators: ACGL @MWEB GameZone, The Nexus, Plan-G and Geek Patrol
  • Registrations Open: 9 April

Cash Prize amounts of all above tournaments to be confirmed upon opening of registration.

Further dates to be confirmed.

Expansion of the Minors

We will also be opening the opportunity to other LAN organizers to partner with us to ensure XP rewards at affiliated events. Interested tournament operators can email their request in to us for further discussion.

'Minors'? So will there be 'Majors' then you ask? Who knows. Well, we do but we're not saying just yet. Maybe just keep watching our social media and site for more:


If you have any questions, comments or queries please be sure to contact us via: