The Mythic Royale has progressed into its second phase of competition. While February was all about solo-skills, in March we're doubling up the prize pool, from R3000 to R6000, and pairing you up for the Mythic Royale Duo Finale, powered by MSI, Redragon and Sparkfox. Be sure to catch all the details of this past weekend and what's to come below. 

The February Solo Finale 

The Mythic Royale Solo finale took place this past Saturday, 29th of February, where some of the best players on the ACGL platform jumped off the battle bus and into the adrenaline-fueled chaos.  A total of R3000 in cash prizes would be awarded to the top four players that managed to accumulate the most points over five Arena games.

Game 1:

Going into the start of the day we were treated to exciting head-to-head match ups. We were on board with Luca Rakic and Riots, both of whom managed to make it down to the final six. The storm was placed in an open area, just next to Frenzy Farm. Rotations would be a key element to determine who would end the game with the lead in the Mythic Royale. Unfortunately for Luca, he got eliminated in 6th place while Riots continued to impress by showing quick reactions and great forward-thinking. 

Game 2:

In game number two we followed Reject and Riots all the way to the top 12, where the storm found them both bunkered up and within earshot of one another. The storm was a little less forgiving than in game one, as it found itself constricting north of Sweaty Sands. With small spots of land to work with, the contest for open space would be tight. Reject was the first to be eliminated, in 12th place, then Riots found himself constrained as he fell in 7th. Left to the final two, Syco and Neymar went head-to-head, but it was Neymar who managed to prevail.

Victory Royale: Neymar

Game 3:

For game three we jumped on board with Luca and aG_gogobee. Luca wasn't having a great time at the Yacht as he was found playing some hide and seek with his opposition. Caught out, he was eliminated in 30th position. Unfortunately for aG_gogobee, he had a tough start and fell down early in 28th. We then crossed to the ever consistent Riots, who once again had made his way into the Top 5. 

Game 4:

The top of the leaderboard was getting tight. For the fourth match, we joined  aG_gogobee and ECL Voltzz. While it was a slow start, it did offer a very cool moment for aG_gogobee, who received a $186 donation while playing. Perhaps because of the morale boost, aG_gogobee managed to push his way through to the top three, where he was looking on top form. 

Game 5: 

We went into game five with nerves riding high. The top of the leaderboard was only separated by a few points, meaning that the last game would be the decider, as there was no clear front runner. Both Reject and Riots were the last players to select from our streaming list, as they both had managed to make it into the top 10. As the storm rotated towards the edge of a mountain, we saw Riots caught out as a hail of RPGs hurtled in towards him and he was eliminated in 6th. Reject fell shortly after as he collapsed in 5th. We were left to spectate the final few players, one of which was Syco. It all ended in a head to head shotgun fight where Syco managed to take the win, and thereby secure the Mythic Royale! 

Final Placements

  • 1st Place: Syco (1 Victory Royale | 14 Elims | 50 Points) - R1,500
  • 2nd Place: wowoke (1 Victory Royale | 12 Elims | 44 Points) - R750
  • 3rd Place: Riots ZA (1 Victory Royale | 9 Elims | 41 Points) - R500 
  • 4th Place: Neymar (1 Victory Royale | 11 Elims | 39 Points) - R250 

Watch all the action: 

Mythic Royale March - Duo Drop 

The time has come to ready-up for the Mythic Royale Duo Drop. We will have a total of R6000 in the prize pool for the competition. 

What you need to do to enter: 

  • Apply for Entry for your team for the monthly finale
  • Sign up and compete in the regular Fortnite cups to earn Elo
  • Use the Fortnite matchfinders to secure additional Elo for your ranking
  • The Top 35 teams (according to joined ELO rank) will be invited
  • Compete in the finale and… win.

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