That's it! Your time is up! The #StreamerRoyale qualifiers powered by Sparkfox and Redragon have concluded and we have our eight official streamer Fortnite teams. The top eight teams will now have two weeks to practice with one another before they jump into the Grand Finals on the 30th of November where there is a R15,000 prize pool up for grabs. 

The Last Qualifiers

This past weekend saw the last two qualifiers take place where participants were tasked with deciding whether they wanted to play for Team Clouds or Team Suspekt Zero. Here are the results from the respective tournaments.

Team Clouds 

Total Sign-Ups: 110

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Representing team Clouds will be: 


  • Clouds



Third Place: 

Team Suspekt Zero

Total Sign-Ups: 66

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Representing team Suspekt will be: 


  • Suspekt Zero



Third Place: 

Grand Finale - 30 November 

The Grand Finale will kick-off at 17:00 on the 30th of November where the eight streamers and their qualified three teammates will jump into a custom lobby to battle against one another for their share of the prize pool. A total of five matches will be played where the teams will accumulate points based on their position and amount of eliminations. 

Each one of the streamers will stream from their POV and showcase the tournament on their respective channels. 

Prize Pool 

The prize pool will be split amongst the four players from each team. The top 4 teams will land themselves in the cash at the end of the tournament. 

  • 1st - R8,000
  • 2nd - R4,000
  • 3rd - R2,000
  • 4th - R1,000

Follow the Streamers 

We love supporting/highlighting local content creators whenever we can. We highly recommend that you check out the list of local streamers/YouTubers on our platform by heading to

For all those wanting to check out the respective channels of our chosen streamers, head down below to check them out. 

All powered by Sparkfox and Redragon 

A big shoutout has to go over to Sparkfox and Redragon for powering the Fortnite #StreamerRoyale! 

For those that aren't aware, Sparkfox is industry leaders in providing peripherals, specializing in PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. 

Check our Sparkfox and their product rage here.


Redragon caters to the gamer that wants to expand on their peripherals and accessories. Their product range includes Keyboards, Mice, Gaming Chairs and Chassis. We also had some of their chairs available for you to try, if you joined us at rAge 2019. 

Check out what Redragon has to offer here

If you have any additional comments, questions or queries please contact us via our social media or email us at


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