Sparkfox Cash Cups and the Top 5

Sparkfox and ACGL are partnering up for a series of cash cups, as well as ensuring the return of the monthly Top 5 video.

Sparkfox are industry leaders in providing peripherals for consoles and mobile devices, and the Sparkox cups will give you the opportunity to prove you or your team are leaders in your title.

With the return of the Top 5, submit your gameplay clips today and stand in line to win. Submit via our 'Watch' page and you stand in line to win.


The schedule for the next few months has been planned and players can start marking the dates in their diary, and signing up as registration opens. Each cup will feature a prize pool split between the top two finishers. Remember that all matches played earn you Embers which you can use to enter our regular giveaways.

  • 22nd April: Cold War 2v2 | Controller | R1,000

  • 6th May: COD Mobile BR Solos | Mobile | R500 

  • 11th May: MK11 | PS4 | R500 

  • 23rd May: Rocket League 2v2 | All | R1,000 

  • 19th June: Rainbow Six Siege 5v5 | PS4 | R2,000


Sparkfox are also joining us as our new partner for the monthly Top 5 video.

If you have a gameplay clip that you feel is worth sharing, submit it to our 'Watch' page. If you are keen to have it shortlisted for voting in the monthly Top 5, remember to select the option. All titles and platforms are welcome.

The video sitting at number one when we release the monthly video will be awarded a prize for their efforts.

Please note the following when submitting for the Top 5:

  • Clips should preferrably not be longer than one minute.
  • Clips may not be edited. A montage does not qualify for the Top 5, but you can still submit it for others to view on the Clips page.

For more on the Sparkfox cups and Top 5, head to the decidated page.


Sparkfox was formed in 2010 by a group of professional gamers who wanted to create innovative, as well as top class products that really enhanced one’s gaming experience. Sparkfox are industry leaders in providing peripherals, specialising in PS4, XBOX One and Nintendo Switch. Sparkfox is a large company with over 500 employees, supplying a multitude of gaming categories. Their products are all uniquely designed, displaying the products unique quality and persona. Innovation is key to the success of Sparkfox, creating products for Gamers Who Play to Win!