Lockdown with ACGL

We would like to start by wishing all our users, friends and partners the best during these testing times we face. Stay safe and stay healthy. 

We have a number of announcements that were previously scheduled for this period. However, today we want to add a slightly unscheduled one brought on by the pandemic and the current South African lockdown.

It will essentially be 'business as usual' around here. The regular schedule of online cups will continue, as well as our matchfinders.

Of course, we wouldn't be who we are if we didn't ensure there was more for you to do in the next few weeks. We will be hosting additional activities during the day, mixing things up between serious and a bit of fun. If you ever wanted to target an ACGL team member, this may just be your chance. And to make the deal even sweeter, there will be products up for grabs thanks to Redragon. We will reveal more on partners and prizes as we get underway.

From Monday 30 March, the matchfinders will now operate during extended times. They will open at 12pm daily and close at 10pm. During this time, search for other players searching around the same time to find an opponent. Compete and log your score to be awarded Elo points if you win. 

We will be incentivising the matchfinders over the three weeks from 30 March. Complete at least five matchfinder matches and be in line for a random draw.

More good news is that we will be adding matchfinders for FIFA 20 on Xbox One, COD Mobile and COD Warzone.

If you are new to the matchfinders, check out our video on how to use them here.

From Monday, we will be hosting an additional cup. The titles will be rotated daily, with the cups started at midday (12pm). Keep your eye on our tournament page and social media for details on what we will be hosting in the coming weeks.

All players that enter at least one of the cups will go into a random draw for some sweet, sweet swag.

We will announce details of the various activities involving ACGL members and the community each week. Plans include a draft where an (usually pretty average) ACGL team member will be teamed with community members likely to carry them against their fellow ACGL-led community teams. Modern Warfare and COD Mobile will be getting a run, and other titles if there is an interest.

We will be hosting some Fortnite and PUBG Mobile customs where every ACGL member will be free game. Players with the most ACGL admin kills will secure themselves a shot at the random giveaway(s) up for grabs.

Some of these are likely to be live streamed, with details and announcements via our social media.

We cannot express how much we want you to look after yourself and loved ones during this period of our lives. Please ensure you follow the advice best offered by healthcare experts. All we can do is help keep you entertained online until the restrictions are lifted.

Keep your eye on our site and social media in the coming weeks for more announcements we have up our sleeves. Until then, wash your hands and keep gaming.

*Please note that any prize products will only be sent after the lockdown has been lifted.