Ergotherapy is sponsoring four more cash cups in December, as well as giving away another custom Ergo-G gaming chair!

To enter the giveaway, you need Embers, and what's better than earning Embers by competing for cash? Not much, but there are opportunities to earn Embers by completing Missions around the site too...

The Ergotherapy Cash Cups for December are:


During the course of December you will have your second chance to win an Ergotherapy Ergo-G Gaming Chair. These medical and ergonomic endorsed chairs can be customised by colour and branding.

You can use your Embers to enter the Ergotherapy Ergo-G Gaming Chair giveaway on our Giveaways page.

Not really a competitor? We have a few plans to reward you Embers via social media and other drives, so keep your eye out for further announcements.


That's not all. If you can't wait to win, or just need more than one chair, we have a discount code for you to use on your purchase on an Ergotherapy Ergo-G Gaming Chair. You can get 5% off of your chair by using ACGL at checkout via Ergotherapy.

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