This past Sunday, the match-finders for May's Debonairs Pizza Series came to an end. The focus title was Fortnite, and the match-finder saw around 500 matches played, with over 160 players competing. On the line was a top eight spot and a chance to team up with one of our featured streamers. There is also the small matter of R10,000 in cash being up for grabs come 25 May.

The Debonairs Pizza Cup 

Saturday 25th of May will see the top eight players teaming up with their drafted streamer in a 2v2 double elimination tournament to secure their share of R10,000 in cash.

After the dust had settled at the close of the ELO ladders, the following were the players who managed to qualify:


Rank Name W-L Played Points
1 Warrior -_- 35 - 4 31 1271
2 EGSA_gogabee 22 - 8 29 1160
3 ATK Deuz 13 - 2 15 1145
4 Goatyyツ 14 - 5 14 1142
5 aSqueaker 14 - 5 19 1133
6 Edie 14 - 4 10 1132
7 EGSA casq 11 - 2 7 1129
8 TactixKaos ZA 12 - 2 4 1121


The great news for those that didn't make it to the Saturday playoffs is that come Wednesday, you will be able to vote for the duo that you think will win. We will also reveal the teams on the same day. Should you correctly vote for the winning team, you will be in line to win Debonairs Pizza vouchers. The Fortnite top eight can expect to be contacted soon to make their streamer choice.

While Fortnite was the money tournament this month, there was still an opportunity to win vouchers from Debonairs Pizza for Call of Duty and FIFA 19. These random draw winners will be contacted in due course with their vouchers, but we would like to take the opportunity to both thank and congratulate the participants and winners.

While the Debonairs Pizza match-finders will be closed, they will now continue as a free-to-enter opportunity for those looking to compete as regularly as they can. The match-finders will operate from 5pm on weekdays and 10am on the weekend. They will close at 10pm every night.

June's Offerings

For June's Debonairs Pizza Series we will again be changing things up for participants. This time we will be hosting a variety of titles per week in a 'one-night' cup format. Each cup will offer a R500 cash winner-take-all prize pool. There will be a grand total of R10,000 cash on the line, along with Debonairs Pizza vouchers.

June's weeks of play will be: 

  • Week 1: 3 - 9 June | Call of Duty (PS4) | Fortnite (All) | FIFA (PS4 | XB1) | Street Fighter V (PC | PS4)
  • Week 2: 10 - 16 June | Fortnite (All) | Paladins (PC | XB1) | Call of Duty (PS4) | Apex legends (All)
  • Week 3: 17 - 23 June | Call of Duty (PS4) | Rocket League (All) | League of Legends (PC) | Dota 2 (PC) | Fortnite (All) | FIFA (XB1) | Tekken 7 (PS4)
  • Week 4: 24 - 30 June | Clash Royale (Mobile) | Rainbow Six Siege (PS4 | XB1)

Keep your eye on the Debonairs Pizza landing page for the tournament links as they open.

The Debonairs Pizza series would not be possible without DEBONAIRS PIZZA SOUTH AFRICA. Follow them here: Twitter | Facebook 

If you have any additional comments, questions or queries please contact us via our social media or email us at

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