• Game

    COD Warzone
  • Type

    Battle Royale
  • Mode

  • Format

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  • Check In

  • Start Date

    30 May 19:00 SAST

Prizes - Sliding Scale

  • R250 Winner takes all

    Get 8 confirmed participants
  • R500: R250-R150-R100

    Get 16 confirmed participants
  • R1000: R500-R300-R200

    Get 32 confirmed participants



  • Matches and lobby details will be generated at the tournament Start Date
  • Participants can sign up before and during the tournament


  • All players must reside(currently live in) a Sub Saharan African Country. For a full list of eligible countries see the Rules page

Quick Rules

Map: Rebirth Island


  • Once the tournament starts, 5 matches will be made available on the tournament page
  • You are allowed to play as many public BR Quads games as you can throughout one week(7 days). You will have up until 10:00 on the Monday after the Start Date to report all 5 results.
  • On each match page, you must use the "Enter Result" button to report the total kills from that game. You will be required to upload a screenshot with the correct Match ID in your Clan tag (see "How to Play")
  • You accumulate 1 point for each kill
  • At 10:00 the following Monday, result entry will be disabled and admins will review screenshots to finalize the standings
  • Any fake screenshots or scores will be severely punished



  1. Once the tournament starts, go to your first match which will be listed under "My Participation"
  2. Make note of the Clan tag on the match page
  3. Play a game in Warzone and take a screenshot at the end screen which includes your kills as well as the specified clan tag
  4. You must have the unique clan tag equipped
    • You can find the clan tag on the match page once the tournament starts
    • Make sure that the "Display Unique ID Numbers" setting under Options -> Account is Disabled, so that clan tags are visible
    • Screenshots without the clan tag will not count, this is how we verify you are uploading screenshots from the correct tournament period
    • If you get a "profanity" error, write your match ID on a piece of paper and include it when taking the photo with your phone 
  5. On the match page you must click on "Enter Result", enter the kills and upload the screenshot
  6. Repeat for all other matches
  7. You may play all of your matches and only submit at the end, you do not have to submit screenshots after every game you play