1v1 Fortnite Heat 1 #EGE2018
Fortnite @ PS4
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Start Date

28 Jul 10:30 SAST
11 Users


Check-in: 9:45 to 10:15

Matches: From 10:30

16 player cap per heat

Top two players per heat return at 17:00 to compete for another R500 winner-takes-all.

R750 R250

Quick Rules

How it works

Once the tournament starts you will find your match on the Bracket, go to their profile to find their in-game IDs. From there the player with the highest seed will host a DUO game session (Your seed is the number next to your name on the bracket, for example: Seed 1 is higher than Seed 4). The hosting player will then invite his/her opponent to the game session and then begin their match.

How To Win

The player with the most kills at the end of two games will be awarded the win(Best of 2). If there is a tie in kills, life duration in the second game will be used to determine a tie breaker. If both players survive until the end of the second game and the total kills are tied, a tiebreaker match must be played.

All matches must be played on EU servers(European)

Entry Fee:
Best of 1
Single Elimination
Need Help?

Here are the important steps:

  • Login or Create an Account
  • Click on Sign up to join
  • Check in here during the check in period
  • Wait until 28 Jul 10:30 SAST for your first match
  • Contact your opponent and play the match
  • Enter the result on the Bracket
  • Wait for your next match

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