• Entries

    8 teams
  • Game

    Modern Warfare
  • TypeA participant is eliminated once they have lost two matches. After their first loss they are moved to the lower bracket. In the final match the participant from the lower bracket must defeat the participant from the main bracket twice.

    Double Elimination
  • Structure

  • FormatOne game is played between participants to determine a winner

    Best of 1
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  • Check In Period

  • Start Date

    24 Feb 12:00 SAST
Tournament Support


Confirmed teams

The below teams are confirmed to be attending the AfrEsports tournament. Teams are confirmed by purchasing an ACGL team pass via the ACGL Shop [Here]. If you wish to pay at the door, please contact admin@acgl.co.za and your team will be added to the confirmed list. 


  1. Bravado Gaming
  2. ViNCO Gaming
  3. Origin Esports 
  4. Exile Gaming
  5. eN Fear
  6. Origin Esports XVII
  7. O.K Gaming
  8. White Rabbit Gaming