• Game

    R6 Siege PS
  • Type

    Singe Elimination
  • Mode

  • Format

    Best of 1
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  • Signup Deadline

    28 May 13:55 SAST
  • Check In

    28 May 13:00 - 13:55
  • Start Date

    28 May 14:00 SAST

Prizes - Sliding Scale

  • R250 Winner takes all

    Get 8 confirmed participants
  • R500: R250-R150-R100

    Get 16 confirmed participants
  • R1000: R500-R300-R200

    Get 32 confirmed participants



  • Join the tournament before the Signup Deadline
  • Check in during the Check-in Period
  • Matches will be generated at the tournament Start Date


  • All players must reside(currently live in) a Sub Saharan African Country. For a full list of eligible countries see the Rules page
  • If we fail to get at least 4 participants checked in by the time the bracket starts, the tournament will be cancelled


  • Matches in a knockout bracket are played one after the other until the tournament is finished.
  • All matches must be started as soon as possible and played until completion. Postponing matches is at the discretion of the tournament admin

Quick Rules


Randomized maps will be listed on each match page. These are the recommended maps to be played, but if both teams agree, the maps may be chosen by team captains using a VETO system such as mapban.gg



For R6 Siege PC, we require the use of MOSS anti-cheat. Teams unable to provide log files upon request will forfeit the map in question. How to use MOSS Anti-Cheat



Players may only use the following battle dress uniforms/headgear:

  • Operator’s default skins
  • Pro League skins (gold sets)
  • Esports Teams’ cosmetics (Pilot Program 1, 2, and any future esports Team related cosmetics)

All other battle dress uniforms and headgears are banned from use. Weapon skins and charms are not subject to any restriction.

Banned Operator

  • Azami

Game Settings

  • Playlist Type: Normal Mode
  • Server Type: Dedicated Server (South Africa)
  • Voice Chat: Team Only
  • Time: Day
  • HUD Settings: Pro League

Match Settings

  • Number of Bans: 4
  • Ban Timer: 20
  • Number of rounds: 12
  • Attacker/Defender role swap: 6
  • Overtime Rounds: 3
  • Overtime Score Difference: 2
  • Overtime Role Change: 1
  • Objective rotation parameter: 2
  • Objective Type Rotation: Rounds Played
  • Attacker unique spawn: On
  • Pick Phase Timer: 15
  • Reveal Phase Timer: 5
  • Damage handicap: 100
  • Friendly fire damage: 100
  • Reverse friendly fire: Off
  • Injured: 20
  • Sprint: On
  • Lean: On
  • Death replay: Off

TDM Bomb Settings

  • Plant Duration: 7
  • Defuse Duration: 7
  • Fuse Time: 45
  • Defuse Carrier Selection: On
  • Prep Phase Duration: 45
  • Action Phase Duration: 180