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Overwatch @ PC
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Competition & Prestige
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I play mainly Off-Tank and DPS. D.Va is my main and I can also play, in order of skill, Soldier: 76, Widowmaker, Pharah, Sombra, Tracer and Genji with Winston bringing up the rear. I know I said Off-tank yet mentioned D.Va as my main with Winston coming last and that's because about 85% of my time playing OW is spent on D.Va, I started in Season 3 with her, latched onto the character and didn't drop her as my main when she got nerfed, just learned to play her differently. Just a little history on where I stand in Overwatch. I ranked mid-Silver in Season 3 when I started, then placed in mid-Silver in Season 4 again, but then worked my way up to Platinum towards the end. For Season 5 currently, I was placed low-Gold and have just recently got back into Platinum with the goal to push through to Diamond. It has been a combination of solo-queue, duo, triple, quad and 6-stacking throughout, but Season 5 has been solo-queue only so far.
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Various times