• Game

    Apex Legends [2020]
  • Type

    Battle Royale
  • Mode

  • Format

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  • Signup Deadline

    06 Nov 9:55 SAST
  • Check In

  • Start Date

    06 Nov 10:00 SAST


  • 1st

    Razer Deathadder V2



  • Join the tournament before the Signup Deadline


  • All players must reside(currently live in) a Sub Saharan African Country. For a full list of eligible countries see the Rules page
  • If we fail to get at least 8 participants checked in by the time the bracket starts, the tournament will be cancelled

Quick Rules


  • Once the tournament starts, 3 matches will be made available on the tournament page
  • You are allowed to play as many public games as you can throughout the weekend. You will have up until 17:00 on Sunday(8 Nov) to report all 3 results.
  • On each match page, you must use the "Enter Result" button to report the total kills from that game.  You will be required to upload a screenshot with the correct Match ID (see "How to Play")
    • Only report your individual scores, your teammate's kills do not count!
  • You accumulate 1 point for each kill
  • At 17:00 on Sunday(8 Nov), result entry will be disabled and admins will review screenshots to finalize the standings
  • Any fake screenshots or scores will be severely punished



  • Once the tournament starts, go to your first match which will be listed under "My Participation"
  • Make note of the Match ID on the match page (this is not the same as the match number that is shown in My Participation). 
  • Play a game and take a screenshot at the end screen which includes your kills and the Match ID
  • The screenshot needs to have the Match ID visible somewhere in the image
    • The easiest method is to write your match ID on a piece of paper and include it when taking the photo with your phone
    • Editing the Match ID into the image afterwards does not count
  • On the match page you must click on "Enter Result", enter the kills and upload the screenshot
  • Repeat for all other matches
  • You may play all of your matches and only submit at the end, you do not have to submit screenshots after every game you play