ACGL Breakdown with Tiano | Best COD Mobile player in Africa

We catch up with Tiano who was the first COD mobile player to reach the grandmaster rank on ACGL in 2020. He went on to be voted the best COD mobile player in Africa in 2020. 

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Get involved with COD Mobile in our weekly cups and cash series.

PUBGM Squads Cash Series

PUBG Mobile players, your next opportunity to drop and battle for cash is here.

From 22 April, qualifiers will get underway for the R4,000 PUBG Mobile Squads Cup. Three qualifiers and one grand final await.

Call of Duty Community Clash for Cold War

The first season of the Call of Duty Community Clash (#C3ZA) for Cold War is here!

The first season will boast a guaranteed prize pool of R10,000 thanks to MSI, AMD, Redragon and Crucial.

ACGL Breakdown with #CODZA's Kohvz and Lithium

We chatted with two ACGL Call of Duty Grand Masters, Kohvz and Lithium, to find out more about the local scene, the skill gap and on their recent successes.

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Watch the video​ here:

Sparkfox Cash Cups and the Top 5

Sparkfox and ACGL are partnering up for a series of cash cups, as well as ensuring the return of the monthly Top 5 video.

Sparkfox are industry leaders in providing peripherals for consoles and mobile devices, and the Sparkox cups will give you the opportunity to prove you or your team are leaders in your title.

ACGL Breakdown - Interview with Neymar

We caught up with one of South Africa's best #Fortnite​ players Neymar to chat current state of the game and the upcoming #MythicRoyale​ qualifier.

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Check out the video:

Mythic Royale 3 drops in with R15,000 cash

#MythicRoyale for Fortnite returns for 2021 powered by MSI, AMD, Redragon and Crucial.

2021 will feature over R50,000 in cash and more up for grabs!

Announcing Embers and More Ways to Win

We revealed the introduction of our ‘Embers’ reward system when we announced the 2021 site. Today, we’re pleased to detail the system for you, which went live on Monday.

The Embers reward system is designed to give back to you, as you play and support us on the site. The more you participate in activities and matches, the more you will earn. And you will be able to use your Embers for a variety of things on the site.

How To Get The ACGL App

From March, we will no longer be supporting our 2018 award-winning app.

The new app is already available, but not via the mobile app stores. We decided that the best way to offer our users an app across as many devices as possible was to move to a Progressive Web App. With this option, all updates made to the site are immediately available across all platforms.

We Want You

We are looking to expand our team of online admins as we continue to grow the number and scale of our operations.

This presents you with an opportunity to get your foot in the door of the local gaming and esports scene. The role is that of junior admin, which is not a paying position, but as detailed later places you in a position to grow more with the ACGL team – as others before have done.

ACGL 2021 Site Update

Welcome to ACGL 2021 and beyond. As has been almost now customary, the start of a year marks some changes to the site. If you are a returning visitor, you should have noticed already that things have been moved around, and that there has been a splash of visual updates done.

Alongside some of the more obvious visual features, a number of quality of life updates have been made. The good news is that we also plan to keep updating elements and adding more features as the year continues. Your feedback will help us improve the site for you, so please feel free to let us know what you would like to see improved or added on the site.

What We Did in 2020

2020 started with plenty of plans. We had LANs and events lined up, along with the usual online competitions. And then COVID-19 hit and the world (and us) had to make new plans. Gone were any physical events for the year, but we found ourselves inundated with requests to operate a variety of new online competitions. We weren’t ones to turn those opportunities down, and that meant plenty of opportunities for our users.

As 2020 draws to a close, the number of registered users on the site reached over 45,000. We are absolutely humbled by this achievement and couldn’t have reached it without the support of every person who visited our platform.