15 Jan 11:55

We’re never ones to sit on our hands here at ACGL. We’re a passionate bunch always looking to improve what we offer the South African gaming community, and as alluded to in our 2017 wrap up, we mean to continue that in 2018.

We have a number of announcements planned this week, and to start with, we’re lifting the lid on our online tournament plans which will see the activation of a seasonal ranking system and the full introduction of our Connection Credits (which was trialled at the end of 2017).

Also returning in full force is XP, while we will also be opening an online shop. So without further ado, here are our (online) plans for 2018:


The Connection Credits (or CC) will be purchasable once the Shop opens (currently scheduled to open on the 22nd of January) and will allow users to enter tournaments on the site and win cash prizes. There will also be opportunities to win and earn Credits in a variety of ways, and over time the Shop will add items that users can spend their Credits on.

At the launch of the Shop we will start by offering access to services such as graphics design and coaching. Local community members who have the experience in graphics and competing are partnering with us to allow you to make use of their services. So if you’re looking for a new identity to go with your new found love of streaming, then use your Credits do just that. Want to learn from one of South Africa’s top Call of Duty players to help improve your own game? Then request some of their time and pay with your Credits.

We will be adding additional items for purchase on the Shop over time. These will include team kits and merchandise, as well as products to make your gaming experience a whole lot more complete.


If you’re still keen to jump in and enter tournaments without having to pay an entry fee, have no fear as we will continue to host free-to-enter tournaments too. All tournaments – whether free or with an entry – will award participants XP. XP will remain a key feature of our ranking system which will award players and teams who consistently perform well with better seeding in tournaments.

At the end of every season, we will award players further by indicating via your profile what rank you are. This will help new users know the skill level of potential opponents while also allowing us to host events for those with specific rankings.

Rankings will be awarded as follows at the end of each season.

  • Elite (Top 5% of players)
  • Gold (Top 15%, excluding Elite)
  • Silver (Top 35%, excluding Gold)
  • Bronze (Top 60%, excluding Silver)


As we set off on this journey, we will be focusing on four key titles that will count towards the ranking. These titles are our ‘premier’ ones that will see regular tournaments across all variations. We will not be forgetting the other titles and we will continue hosting other tournaments on a rotational basis to ensure more players get the chance to compete in their favourite title.

We’re not going to pull any punches, and want to make it clear from the outset that we will be heavily focused on console titles and tournaments, but PC gamers will not be forgotten about. We will be expanding both titles and platforms as the year continues and demand increases, so feel free to let us know which titles you would like to see added in the comments below.

The four ‘Premier’ titles we will be focusing on are:

  • Call of Duty: WWII on PlayStation 4
  • FIFA 18 on PlayStation 4
  • Rocket League on PlayStation 4 and PC
  • Injustice 2 on PlayStation 4

Call of Duty: WWII on PlayStation 4

Full online calendar to be available later this week.

Registrations for online tournaments after the 21st of January will open on the 22nd of January.

Rocket League

Full online calendar to be available later this week.

Registrations for online tournaments after the 21st of January will open on the 22nd of January.

Injustice 2 

Full online calendar to be available later this week.

Registrations for online tournaments after the 21st of January will open on the 22nd of January.


Registrations for online tournaments after the 21st of January will open on the 22nd of January.

More details on League to be revealed this week.

Please note for all credit entry based tournaments, the shop will only open on the 22nd of January - upon which you can purchase credits.

Full details on the credits will be revealed on the same date.


Please note that all current XP will be reset for 2018 season.


Season One will primarily used as our placement season.

At the end of each month we will update the leaderboards to indicate the current standings and shifts in each one of the respective titles. Expect content and interviews with the biggest movers and shakers in the community.

On completion of the season we will be awarding our participants with their rank for Season One which will be displayed on their main profile, match pages and tournament pages.


Season Two will see all XP earned in Season One reset, other than for the first 2K tournament which will use Season One's rankings for seeding.

As with Season One, we will keep updating the leaderboards throughout the season, with your player rankings being awarded again on completion of the second season.


In Season Three, we will be completing the first annual ranking season.

All XP will be reset, other than for the first 2K tournament which will use Season Two's rankings for seeding.

The final season will determine your title rank for the year and will permanently reflect on your profile as an award. The season will end on the 31st of October.


  • 2K - Primarily used to get your rankings up on the ACGL leaderboards, our 2K tournaments provide the highest XP earnings online. These tournaments will always be free to enter and offer a great opportunity for players to bolster their rank.
  • CC Tournaments - Awards the winners of the tournament with CC. These tournaments will additionally have an XP award which is higher than the Cash Tournaments.
  • Cash Tournaments - These tournaments require CC to enter which will be purchasable from the ACGL Shop on the 22nd of January. The tournaments will have a cash prize pool for the winners and the lowest XP rewards.

We will be kicking the online tournaments off with a number of free-to-play events with CC up for grabs, as well as some online 2K tournaments. The tournaments offering cash prizes will follow after the launch of the Shop.

And LAN tournaments?

Of course, we still have a little more up our sleeves, so we would suggest watching our social media and site tomorrow for further announcements:



If you require assistance with navigating the site, this 'How-to' video playlist should prove useful.


Looking good guys keep up the excellent work.
can i please get store link
Store link is (currently) disabled but will return in the next week or so.