After some time away for us to rethink the use and need for a ladder system, we are pleased to announce the return of the ladders which will be available for both established titles and a way for us to gauge untested - or new - titles on the site.

We will be opening a new 'wager' ladder system this Friday for FIFA 19 and Black Ops 4, but you can sign up already (see below). Additional ladders will be added over time, while a new 'Proving Ground' ladder system will follow early next year. With the Proving Ground, new titles will get a run to see the scale of the community. Should there be the desired support, the season that follows will see the title expanded to more formalised cup, ladder or league systems.

Please note that the ladders are in no way a replacement for our cups but an opportunity to participate and scrim more regularly and at a time that benefits you and your teammates and opponents. The cups will return again.

But for now, we are here to talk the new wager ladder system and what it means.

**UPDATE** Fortnite ladders have now been added. **END OF UPDATE**


The new ladders will allow you to use your XP earned in other tournaments on the site as a non-cash currency. This will be a way to prove you're better than others in direct competition and win additional XP to ensure you continuously improve your seeding in upcoming tournaments. Putting XP on the line is completely optional, however there is nothing better than a little risk for some reward right?

In the future we plan to add more uses for your hard-fought-for XP, to go along with the seeding. But we need to keep some secrets right?


  • Player A (or Team A) posts a challenge which includes a date, format and wager (optional)
  • Once the challenge is posted, XP is deducted
  • Any other participant (Player B or Team B) in the ladder can now accept the challenge
  • Once accepted, XP is deducted from Player B (or Team B) and the match begins
  • After a player enters a result and the other accepts it, the winner is rewarded with the XP pot
  • If there is no score dispute or the the opposing player does not accept the score, the score will be auto accepted after 5 minutes
  • If no one accepts the posted challenge, the challenge will be deleted 5 minutess after the proposed match time and the XP will be refunded
  • Any match disputes can be made via the usual tournament channels


You will be able to sign up while the ladders are running, but for those keen to get the admin out of the way, you can sign yourself up now:

The ladders will run until 30 November 2018.

For now, this is a system in testing and we will refine it with your feedback. If you have any suggestions for both the ladders, titles, XP or anything else we are doing, feel free to let us know via our social media, email or below.

Find us around the world wide web here:


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