ACGL Rivals will be drawing to a conclusion this Friday (Eskom willing...), but that doesn't mean the winning with Ergotherapy will come to an end.

This November and December, we will have cash up for grabs, as well as two (yes, TWO!) Ergotherapy Ergo-G Gaming Chairs. Each month's giveaway winner will be rewarded with a custom chair valued at approximately R10,000!

So you want to win? Then let's get you going.


In November and December, we will be hosting four cups a month, each with R500 cash up for grabs. To win the cash, you need to compete and be the tournament champion, and that's completely free.

However, just by completing matches you will be awarded Embers, and you will need those to enter the chair giveaway...

Cash Cup Calendar

You can compete on these days and in these cups for the cash:


But we suggest you don't stop there. Almost every day of the week we offer online cups and matchfinders. Competing in any matches in all cups rewards you with Embers. And you use those to enter our monthly giveaways. The more you play, the more you earn. The more you eran, the more you can enter and improve your odds in the giveaways!

This November and December will see two Ergotherapy Ergo-G Gaming Chairs waiting for a new home. These can be customised by colour and branding. The chairs are also the first gaming chair with medical and ergonomic endorsement. They are comfortable and may even improve your K/D. Maybe.

You can use your Embers to enter the Ergotherapy Ergo-G Gaming Chair giveaway here.

Not really a competitor? We have a few plans to reward you via social media and other drives, so keep your eye out for further announcements.


That's not all. If you can't wait to win, or just need more than one chair, we have a discount code for you to use on your purchase on an Ergotherapy Ergo-G Gaming Chair. You can get 5% off of your chair by using ACGL at checkout via Ergotherapy.

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