If you’re reading this, you’re doing so on our new look and updated site, completed after a month of work while some have been on holiday. And we hope you like what you see – and enjoy what you can’t.

Features you may notice right away include the facelift, menus and avatar system. More hidden are features centered around the free agents, tournament operations and matches. We have also added features such as achievements, rep(utation) and community content focus.

As always, we will develop and improve on the features over time. Your feedback and our own drive to offer South Africans (and Africa in general) a gaming platform that is engaging and authentic will help see us achieve that.


Your ACGL profile features a lot more information than it previously did. Now all your achievements and results are available at a glance, along with teams you play for, more detailed social media information and XP.

A few of the linked title and social media accounts will now require you to login to the services’ API in order to save the account to your profile. This ensures better integration with us and them, as well as better security for you.


If you head to your profile, you will see a listing of Achievements. These achievements are designed to ensure community engagement with tournaments, content and others. A variety of goals will be set per Achievement and achieving those goals will see you awarded the Achievement to display on your profile. Achievements relating to partner or sponsored events will see you stand in line to win a reward or receive a discount in the future.

Some of the goals will require you to participate in a number of tournaments, comment on an article, submit a clip and more.


Your profile avatar is now customisable. Change your head, headgear and body to convey your personality. We have launched with a limited selection of items currently with additional options arriving in the future. Some will be awarded for completing tasks or showing support to a brand. Some selections will be made available for free, while others will be available for purchase.

We will also be accepting designs from the community to make available to our users. Details of this will be revealed in the future.


Another feature found on your profile page is ‘Rep’. This system has been put into place to indicate your standing with the community. To gain reputation, doing things to improve the community is key. Being a negative or unsportsmanlike competitor is – on the other hand – a sure-fire way to be penalised reputation points.

The severity of point deductions will be up to the ACGL Admin Team, but let’s be honest, being racist, sexist or simply toxic is not the way to grow the local community right? 


The Free Agents listing is still available per title, with a number of additional filters. However, the permanent listing will now only list players for two weeks before removing them. Should you want to re-list, you are welcome to do so.

When it comes to the tournament Free Agent listing, we’ve added a brand new feature. If you list yourself for an upcoming team-based tournament as a Free Agent, you will now be teamed up with others looking for a team. Free Agents can check themselves in and will then be assigned to a team with others based on their XP. This will be a temporary team, but we aren’t ones to stand in the way of it becoming more permanent… that’s just up to the (temporary) teammates.


Team captains can now promote and demote team members, while the invite and team management has generally been simplified. We have also added support for substitutes in tournaments.


On the site, we’ve added two new tabs – Clips and Streams. These two are there to showcase your videos. You can submit a clip for others to watch on the Clips page by linking it to a YouTube url. While doing so, if you want the clip to be submitted to the monthly Top 5, you can click the checkbox on submission.

Linking your YouTube and/or Twitch channel will see you listed on the Streams page. The page will list channels based on their subscriber and total view count, and we urge our registered users to support their fellow community members.


A number of working improvements have been done to the tournaments and matches. These are intended to improve your experience and further remove potential human error.

A new ‘My Participation’ section has been added to the tournament page which allows players to make sure they are checked in and manage their team rosters without having to use the old participants tab.

Participants who do not complete their check-in are now listed separately and will remain visible once the tournament starts, however they will not be part of the tournament bracket. Our Admins will not have to manually remove participants not checked in.

On the match side of things, the match page will now show how long before the grace period ends, meaning there is no excuse for missing your match. Doing so may result in penalty points on your Reputation.

The time remaining to verify or dispute a reported score will now also be shown on the match page, along with any dispute details. The match discussion also now supports the uploading of videos, for submission of proof.

Match reporting itself has been simplified, with participants now selecting the winner per map using the drop-down menu.

We have also improved the map randomizer - maps should no longer change randomly or duplicate.

If you need assistance signing up or managing your profile or tournament entry, this video guide playlist should prove helpful.


And that is (almost) all of it. We have a few things to reveal still but those are upcoming events, seasons, main tournaments and more. For now, this is the new and improved ACGL site where the regular online tournaments you came to know (and hopefully love) will continue to live… but better.

If you haven’t done so yet, step one is to sign up and create your profile. It’s free and takes you around a minute to do. Once done, you are pretty much ready to prove your worth in our free entry tournaments which will secure you XP (experience points) towards the seasonal leaderboard of your chosen title(s).

After you have spent some time tinkering on the website, please feel free to come back to us and let us know your thoughts, or if you spot any errors and glitches. You can do so by commenting below or contacting us on one of our social platforms. 


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