You may have already noticed that Vox - and their Vox Gaming brand - are supporting and sponsoring the local gaming and esports community.

Currently, we have a variety of cash cups and series in partnership with Vox, and moving into 2022, that will continue.

Most gamers however will be looking for every advantage when it comes to competing online, and in that regard, Vox has you covered with Gaming Essentials.


The Vox-developed Gaming Quality of Service (QoS) is designed to separate your Gaming traffic (UDP) from your regular Internet needs (TCP). This is achieved by giving priority of bandwidth to specific home devices. If you're a gamer, we are pretty sure that will be your console or PC. So take control of your internet before the family members streaming in your house ruin your chances of clutching up.

The Gaming Essentials offering is available to Vox FTTH customers and requires a Vox-supplied MikroTik router to be enabled. Apply for the service today from as little as R19.50 per month.

*This is a sponsored article. ACGL and Vox are in partnership for a series of tournaments.

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