The Mythic Royale qualifiers for March have officially come to an end, as hordes of players battled in the last tournaments and subsequent matchfinders this past weekend in their attempt to gain the highest rank possible. Only 35 duo teams out of the 52 entries will gain entry to the Mythic Royale which takes place this Saturday (28th of March). There is a total of R6000 in cash prizes up for grabs this month, so be sure to check if your team has made it into the Mythic Royale by viewing the confirmed entries below. 

The 35 Teams who gained entry

After one month of intense competition, we have finally reached our checkpoint of seeing who exactly will enter the Mythic Royale and compete for their share of the R6000 prize pool. Without further delay, here are your top 35 teams for the Mythic Royale: 

  1. Its_TheKingsAngels54
  2. Team The Punishers
  4. Farmers
  5. LivingL2
  6. SlightlyBelowAverage
  7. Night is better
  8. Default_
  9. Lame kk
  11. ObLe
  12. RaGe gamers
  13. FuRy on Top
  14. Try-Hard
  15. Curry_Munchers
  16. DeAdLy TeAM
  17. Silent X
  18. CHEO
  19. LetSic
  20. bravado
  21. Reject and scara
  22. Team 180
  23. Elite Gaming RSA
  24. Melo Clan
  25. Ladon e-Sports
  26. ZA Fortnite
  27. Precision
  28. Doodoo squad
  29. WeAreLegends
  30. SA_UniFlex
  31. ariova x verge
  32. Aspect_gaming
  33. Covide 19
  34. DoogedOn
  35. Syco x Trogonz

View the list here. 

Where to watch

This weekend we are happy to announce that the matches will be live-streamed via the ACGL Youtube account. It will additionally be live on the Mythic Royale home page (if you want to secure the Mythic Royale Avatar). 

The stream will be live at 18:30.

Be sure to subscribe and tune in as we showcase some of the best players in the country. 

Prize pool

The February solos finale will feature a R6,000 cash prize pool, split as follows:

  • 1st Place: R3,000
  • 2nd Place: R1500
  • 3rd Place: R1000
  • 4th Place: R500 

Let the grind for the Squad Mythic Royale in April begin! 

Registrations for the Squad Mythic Royale are now live, the squad competition will see the biggest prize pool yet - R12,000! The last day available for qualification for the Squad Finale (25th of April) will be on the 19th of April. 

How Mythic Royale works

  • Apply for Entry for your team for the monthly finale
  • Sign up and compete in the regular Fortnite cups to earn Elo
  • Use the Fortnite matchfinders to secure additional Elo for your ranking
  • The Top 20 teams (according to combined ELO rank) will be invited
  • Compete in the finale and… win.

The #MythicRoyale is brought to you by:

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