The ACGL Top 5 Plays is now back. Following the announcement earlier this year, and some technical blips on our end, Sparkfox is now powering the Top 5 video, and the first fruit of that partnership is now live.

For each month's Sparkfox Top 5, the top video clip will secure themselves a R500 digital voucher on their gaming platform of choice.

The June video features some awesome clips from Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege and Fortnite. Congratulations to everyone who made the cut, and specifically to the winner of the Top 5 plays of the month. 

If you think you can outgun the bonus clip or any of the top five, send us your clips. If you happen to grab any moment you are proud of, send us your clips.

Submissions are open for the July 2021 video. All titles and platforms are accepted. Whether you are playing Fortnite or FIFA, Rocket League or Rainbow Six, League of Legends or Apex Legends, or any other game, they are all welcome. All clips are visible to our site visitors, and we would love to see local content creators supported across all genres and platforms.

You can submit your (YouTube) clip by selecting 'Post Clip' on the Watch page. Link to the YouTube URL of the video and remember to select 'Submit To Top 5 Plays' to ensure we know you want to be considered for the month.

Please note the following when submitting for the Top 5 Plays of the Month:

  • Clips should preferrably not be longer than one minute.
  • Clips may not be edited. A montage does not qualify for the Top 5, but you can still submit it for others to view on the Watch page.

The next Top 5 video is scheduled to go live on the 30th of July. Make sure that you get your clips in early to get the community to engage with your submission.

The top five clips for the video were determined by members of the ACGL admin team. Each team member submitted a list of five clips ranked from first to fifth. The lists were correlated to determine the overall standings.

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