We are getting ready to kick off with the very first South African Fortnite tournament this Saturday!

We have been receiving loads of emails regarding the tournament and exactly how this is going to happen without custom servers - well where there is a will, there is a way and we have found a way to make it happen for one of our favorite titles.


The tournament format will be 2v2.

A  squad match, which allows up to 4 members, to join will be created by the host.

The host must invite his/her team mate and the two opponents  to the game lobby.

Once everyone is ready, you will go into your match. You will play with your duo partner to try earn more kills than the opposition duo.

If there is a tie in total kills, then the winning team will be the ones that survive the longest.


Tie Game:

In the event of a tie, the team which remained alive the longest shall win the map.

If both teams survive to the end of the round, the team who achieved the final kill shall win the map.

Team Killing:

Teams are permitted to work together, however, you may not intentionally cause the death of your opponent. This includes sabotaging structures, causing fall damage, or any other negative interference in your opponents gameplay.

Doing so will result in a forfeit of the map.

Video proof must be provided which clearly shows any of the above as well as all Gamertags.


In the event of a disconnect, the kills at the point of disconnect shall stand. The disconnect time shall be counted as time of death.

Proof Requirements:

All teams should provide video proof of the following:

  • Team Kills
  • Opponent Kills
  • Opponent time of death


All of the tournaments will kick off at 19:00  on the 17th of  February.

You can sign up to you platform of choice here:


If there are less  that  8 teams we  will be using a double elimination format. Which means that you will need to lose two matches to be  knocked out of the tournament.

If we have more than 8 teams we will be using a single elimination format.


We use Discord Live Support for all of our tournaments, so please be sure that join the ACGL server if you  have any questions, comments or queries.


If you have any questions, comments or queries please be sure to contact us via:



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