The ACGL first season comes to an end on the 31st of March which means that there are some big changes that are about to transpire over the next two weeks.

We will be introducing ranks, community pages and additionally  be bringing on board more community managers to the #ACGLfamily.


We are very excited for the next season of competitive play to kick off. Before we get into what you can expect from Season 2, let's start with the conclusion of the first season.

First Season comes to an end

The first Season officially comes  to an end on the 31st of March. At this point we will reset everyone's rank to put everyone on level pegging for the start of the second season.

Minor Lans to kick off Season 2

The ACGL Minor LANs, which will be held on the 31st of March for Injustice 2 and FIFA 18 additionally on the 7th of April for  Call of Duty: World War II, will use the XP totals from Season 1 for seeding.

What happens to my rank? 

Your rank from Season one will stay with you, and will be view-able on the Season 1 leaderboards. To those that place in the top 60% of the ACGL leaderboards, you will be rewarded with a border on your profile which  resembles the final rank you achieved.

The Rank profiles can be viewed in the image below:

For season 2 your XP will be reset, and it  will be up to you and your team to climb the ranks once again to see if you can become an ACGL Elite player.

Please note that the rankings only apply to our premium titles, being: Call of Duty: WW II , FIFA 18, Rocket  League and Injustice 2.

We may be adding more titles for Season 2, so watch this space!

Season 2 will conclude on the 30th of June.


We have been working hard on our goal to bring gaming communities closer together. We have thus created community pages which will act as a home for players to post their latest team news, chat to one another, view leaderboards and check out the latest gaming tournaments available on the ACGL site.

You can expect the community pages to launch in the week preceding the start of season 2.

We have been speaking to some of the respective community leaders  who will  be joining the #ACGLfamily for our  premier titles.

We  will, however, be opening up more community pages to provide a space for gamers to talk and play their favourite title.

Let's connect your community

If you or a friend are a community leader please let us know what title you would  like a community page for, and  we can take the conversation forward.

To talk about getting a community page for your favourite title, please  email us at

Keep us posted!

What are your thoughts on Season 2?

You can let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on one of  the following social media channels:

If you have any questions, comments or queries please be sure to contact us via:


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