The first ACGL Season for 2018 has come to an end and there are some brand new and exciting changes that we have been working on.


One of the most noticable changes has to do with the front page. 

The ACGL front page has been redesigned to save users time by more efficient when connecting to the games.

By default, we now display the next four tournaments which are open for registrations on the front page. 

If you wish to connect to the community hubs,  select the title icon which you are most interested in (displayed below).

From there hit the button that says: "Go to 'insert game name'" 


Community Hub

One of the features that has us most excited is our new community hubs.

These are areas dedicated on the ACGL webstite for community interaction, news, tournaments, free agents and leaderboards. 

Currently we have a total of 8 Community Hubs, which can be found at the following links ( 


Home Tab (Community Interaction)

The home tab will be used as the base for the community hub.

In this area players can post information that relates to the community page that they are using. 

If you have anything that you wish to share with the community, whether that be local or international news, live streams, video content, gifs or images - this is the space for you. 

News (Found on the Home Tab)

Our news can vary from week to week, but thanks to the community hub we can filter it down to the essentials.

Our news pages will now only feature news that includes information regarding that specific community/game. 

Tournaments Tab

Community hubs have given us the ability to declutter our general tournament page, which can often overwhelm the user with the sheer amount of tournaments on offer. 

Now players can find the tournaments directly for the titles that interest them via the community hub. 


Discord is one of our favourite places to chat to our competitive community.

As a result, we have now intergrated the Discord to the community page, which allows you to talk to other players of your favourite title, directly on the community hub. 


Rank Resets and awards 

As promised at the begining of the year, we have worked on providing players a quick way to be recognized for their achievements. You may recognize the image below from earlier this year: 

Players now will be able to view their ranks from the first season on the Community Page Leaderboards for Call of Duty: WWII, Rocket League and Injustice 2. 

Additionally players XP tally and rankings are displayed on their profile page. 

What are your thoughts on the community hubs? Let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter.

If you have any questions, comments or queries please be sure to contact us via:


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