Today we are pleased to announce that you can 'raze hell' with us and DOOM Eternal. To celebrate the arrival of the latest addition in the classic DOOM franchise, ACGL registered users will get to enjoy some special DOOM-flavored treats.

First up, for those that have pre-ordered the game, we have an exclusive DOOM Eternal Snapback. To secure this ACGL-exclusive pre-order incentive, simply order the game from your preferred retailer, send us proof of purchase and a DOOM Snapback will be fired off to you. However, please be aware that this is only limited to the first 25 applications received. And yes, you need to have an ACGL profile and be signed in to apply.

Up next, and available to all registered users is the rather swanky Doomguy Avatar kit. To unlock the kit, you need to go a-hunting. Scattered around the site are three Cacodemons. Find them and the kit will unlock. We might be kind enough to drop a few hints, but for now we will leave the difficulty on 'Nightmare!'.

Speaking of which, play ten minutes of the original DOOM -- embedded on our DOOM Eternal page (on any difficulty setting...) -- and you will secure the DOOM Award on your profile.


We have a digital code for #DOOMEternal on Xbox One to give away.

All users who secure the Doomguy Avatar kit or the DOOM Reward on our site will be eligible for the draw. The code giveaway closes 14h00 on 6 April.


This campaign is brought to you in partnership with the game's local distributor, GameFinityDOOM Eternal launches in South Africa on 20 March and is available via most retailers. The rewards offered are only available until 20 April. 


  • jGLZA25 Mar 12:14

    So if I have the Doomguy avatar kit will I automatically be entered for the xbox code or do I need to fill in a form somewhere?

  • ACGL_Dredd25 Mar 12:26

    If you have the avatar, you are in the draw. :)

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