It's time to load up and get ready for the Mythic Royale March Finale powered by MSI, Sparkfox, and Redragon. With R6,000 in cash prizes on the line, we are eagerly awaiting the kick-off of the live stream which begins at 19:00 on Saturday (27th of March). Earlier this week, we highlighted the 35 teams that qualified and we're excited to see them battle their way for the top placement this weekend. For all the details, you have come to the right place as we have all the info down below. 

How the Mythic Royale works 

The Mythic Royale will host five custom Arena Fortnite matches, where the players competing will battle against one another for placement, points and the elusive Victory Royale. 

Points will work as follows: 

  • Win: 10 Points  
  • 2nd - 5th : 7 Points  
  • 6th - 15th : 5 Points  
  • 16th - 25th : 3 Points  
  • 26th - 35th: 1 Point 
  • 1 x Elimination: 1 Point 

The top four players at the end of the Mythic Royale will be awarded the following prizes: 

  • 1st - R3000
  • 2nd - R1500 
  • 3rd - R1000 
  • 4th - R500

Where to watch

The matches will go live at 19:00, and you can watch the action via the official Mythic Royale Page or alternatively go to our YouTube account where we will be streaming the matches live. 

All the matches will be cast by: 

Nick Holden and Alex 'Airo' Wrigley 

Perks of Watching Live 

ACGL users can unlock a new Avatar kit to customize their user profile. To secure the Avatar kit, the following goals will need to be completed during the course of the season:

  • Watch a Mythic Royale live stream via
  • Comment on a Mythic Royale article
  • Play in one Fortnite tournament

Additionally, we will be giving away a 1TB X8 Crucial External SSD, valued at R3500, courtesy of Crucial at the end of the season.

To win, all you have to do is unlock the Avatar by achieving the above requirements. 

The #MythicRoyale is brought to you by:

MSI: Site | Twitter | Facebook
Sparkfox: Site
Redragon: Site




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