This past weekend saw both the start and culmination in another leg of our ongoing commitment to the South African esports ecosystem. Three years of working with the Maties Sports department has seen a number of Stellenbosch University focused esports events and tournaments. However, this weekend that took another step with the Western Cape inter-varsity esports tournament.

Four universities sent eight players each to compete in a 2v2 FIFA 19 tournament hosted at the MWEB offices. Cape Peninsula University of Technology, University of Cape Town, University of Stellenbosch and University of the Western Cape all represented at the inaugural event.

A team per university was placed into each of the four groups of four teams, to compete in a round robin format. The top two teams per group proceeded into the playoff bracket to determine the individual team winner, while the overall wins and draws counted to the university standings.


The groups saw a number of tight games in the initial matches, with the more experienced universities generally taking the honours. Stellenbosch's ongoing esports commitment giving their players more opportunities to practice and improve. UCT and UWC have seen a few standalone tournaments hosted over the last few months, while CPUT and its players arrived with no real structures to support them.

As the groups drew to a close, it became clear that the more formalised structures in place at Stellenbosch benefitted them. All four of their teams moved on to the playoffs with two in first spot and two ending second in their groups. UCT (taking top spot in two groups) and UWC each secured two spots in the playoffs, with CPUT finding themselves generally struggling without a team proceeding into the knockout phase.


The top eight teams headed into the single elimination bracket with plenty to prove, and no-one was about to be steamrolled by their opposition. During the quarter finals, all but one game saw a team win by a single goal. And all those winning teams were from Stellenbosch, essentially ensuring they walked away as the champions of the Western Cape universities. 

UCT secured second by one extra point over UWC, while CPUT took fourth spot overall.

Photos from the event can be found here.

The Future

On 21 and 22 September all roads lead to Stellenbosch as 10 universities from around the country head to compete in a USSA affiliated 2v2 FIFA 19 tournament. The event will be brought to life by the various university's efforts, USSA support, MWEB, Media24 and us. 

The event is the start of a much larger and more varied university tournament structure planned for 2020.


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