We are very excited that we get to announce our brand new community managers today. These select individuals are joining the ACGL family in the effort to strengthen our communication with various gaming communities and additionally, to assist us in the upkeep of your brand new community hubs. 

Community Hubs

Earlier this week we announced our community hubs that can be found on the ACGL website. These areas have been created to give our gamers a home to talk about the games they love, join tournaments, view leaderboards, interact with the Discord communities and find teams to play in. 

For more on the community hubs you can view the video below: 

Community Managers 

Our community managers are here to help grow our respective communities and give us feedback on where we can improve. We are very excited to have these talented individuals and passionate gamers joining the ACGL Family. 

Dalré ‘Dellas’ Vermaak - Call of Duty

About: I am a student teacher and a HUGE Call of Duty fan. South African Call of Duty Shout-Caster for ACGL and VS Gaming. Call of Duty Manager for Vinco Gaming. High School Rugby and Conditioning Coach. Growing #CODZA is always a big deal for me and always help out where possible.

Community Hub: ACGL.co.za/COD

Terry-Lee 'Stifonto' Cloete - Fighting Game Community (FGC)

About: I love fighting games, I'm a Dvorah main in MKX and i play with Aquaman, Cyborg, Atom and Darkseid in Injustice. Ken main in Street fighter. 

Community Hub: ACGL.co.za/FGC

James 'Hutchie' Hutcheson - Fortnite


I am 20 years of age and I study Computing Multimedia in Botswana. 

This year I moved away from the COD competitive scene to focus on becoming a livestreamer. I now mainly play the new Battle Royale game known as Fortnite. I got absolutely hooked on this game since it first came out in 2017. I combined my love for the game with my love for entertaining people and started streaming on my YouTube channel. 

My hopes are that I can help unite people together that love the game and grow the community in South Africa. 

Community Hub: ACGL.co.za/Fortnite 

Jessica 'MissLadyJay' Maij 

About: My name is Jessica Maij and I’m a competitive Gwent player and streamer. I am in charge of all things Gwent in South Africa. I’m doing my best to grow the community in SA with the help and support of CDPR, and to just have fun with a competitive card game. 

Community Hub:  ACGL.co.za/Gwent


Wiat 'SinisterSmiley' Marais

About: I am Wiat "SinisterSmiley" Marais , I am a  Competitive League of Legends DGL player, the owner, manager and support of Kuroyuri. I am Silver/Gold rank and also an Official VS caster.
I want to rebuild the League of Legends community as a team alongside the community.I want to make the LOL scene a place of lekker vibes and lekker people.

Community Hub: ACGL.co.za/LOL

Stephen 'Mr Knott' Pretorius

About: Stephen "Mr Knott" Pretorius age 26 living in Cape Town, Been playing competitive league since 2013 and have placed top 3 at Rage every year till now. Peak rank would be diamond 2 and I have played under the following teams iM, eN, RYL and GG

Community Hub: ACGL.co.za/LOL

Daniël 'dfthaman' Luttig

About: I am 24 years old and apart from working full-time as a Registered Counsellor and School Facilitator, I am also a video game enthusiast, caster, blogger, movie fanatic, sports lover & debater. I am an avid Rocket League player and the captain and manager of VxP | Elem3ntriX. In addition to that, I strive to grow the local community and thus serve on various Rocket League boards/committees, and I am also the co-founder and co-owner of Rocket League Xpress (RLX), the only dedicated Rocket League website in South Africa.

Community Hub: ACGL.co.za/RL

Byron 'pugzzzzzy' Adams

About: I am a console gamer with a passion for fps games especially Rainbow 6 Siege. I am eager to help grow esports in SA.  

Community Hub: ACGL.co.za/Siege

Ryan 'TravelingRhino' McColl


I like long walks on the beach, hiking and smashing other teams in Siege. I'm always up for a game casual or ranked game add me my Gamers Tag is  TravelingRhino. 

I do play other games online but Siege is where I am most competitive. Rank 133 and between Gold and Silver.

Community Hub: ACGL.co.za/Siege

Get your community Growing

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