At ACGL we are always thinking about how we can give players the best gaming experience possible.
Our next addition, the ACGL Dashboard, breaths new life into how players interact with their tournament matches.

The ACGL dashboard replaces the old match feed and gives players one space to handle all-tournament management requirements.

The ACGL Dashboard can be found by clicking on the shield icon which can be found in the top right-hand corner of your screen. 

The ACGL Dashboard 

The dashboard has been updated to give users an all-in-one access to their current and past tournaments. 

The area has been subdivided into three areas; Match Resolution, Match Tracking and Tournament History. 

1 - Match Resolution  (Match Disputes & Match Discussion) 

Match Disputes

Indicates any outstanding matches that are currently in conflict and unresolved. If there are no matches listed in this tab, it means all previous match issues have been resolved. 

Match Discussion

Will show all dialogue that you have between your opposition and yourself. It will provide an easy access point for you to pick up on the latest messages from your opponent and admin. 

2 - Match Tracking (Next Match & Match History) 

Next Match

Displays when a match is available for play. 

Match History 

Indicates all previous match results. 

3 - Tournament History 

1v1 Tournaments 

Displays all previous solo tournaments that you participated in. 

Team Tournaments 

Displays all previous team tournaments that you participated in. 


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