This past Sunday, the 21st of October, our top eight fighters in the Legendary League battled one another in the attempt to qualify for the Legendary Series Grand Final.  It all came down to the wire as only four players would qualify for the showcase event, which will get played this Sunday on the 28th of October. For the remaining four players, this would spell the end of their run in the Legendary Series.  For our final four players, there is still over R8500 in cash up for grabs and the glory of being the Injustice 2 Legendary Series Champion. 

The Legendary League 

In just under two weeks, our top eight fighters from the Legendary Series have battled in over 28 matches with more than 100 rounds of Injustice 2 being played. Entering into the Top 8 was no easy task as players were initially tasked with winning or placing in second place in one of the Legendary qualifiers. From the four qualifiers, eight players emerged to take claim their entry into the Legendary League. 

The League, which ran over two weeks, put players up against one another in order to determine who could rise to the occasion and fight their way through some of the best fighters in Sub Saharan Africa. Entering into the League we had five players from South Africa and three from Zambia. 

The Legendary League would not only set the tone of the level of play on the continent but it would additionally settle the score of which country had the best Injustice 2 fighters. 

With the final two sets of fixtures left to play on the 21st of October, we showcased the matches live for an excited audience. You can catch all of the action from those matches below: 

[View the Legendary League]

Final Four Emerge 

After four weeks of Legendary Qualifiers and two weeks of the Legendary League, we are happy to announce that we have whittled down the competition to the final four. Fortuitously, in a twisted turn of fate, we are down to two players from South Africa and two from Zambia which will represent in the Legendary Series Grand Finale, this Sunday (28 October). 

Here are your top four players for the Injustice 2 Legendary Series: 

Brandon 'Sho Kahn' Jacobs [South Africa]
Legendary League Placement: 1st
Record:  Won 7 | Lost 0 | 20 Round Wins | 6 Round Losses
Organization: FTG 

Mwelele 'Zaza' Zaza [Zambia]
Legendary League Placement: 2nd 
Record: Won 5 | Lost 2 | 15 Round Wins | 6 Round Losses
Organization: GEM

Bradon 'ACF17' Pillay [South Africa] 
Legendary League Placement: 3rd 
Record: Won 4 | Lost 3 | 18 Round Wins | 10 Round Losses 
Organization: FTG

Justin 'Mr 5000' Banda [Zambia] 
Legendary League Placement: 4th 
Record: Won 4 | Lost 3 | 17 Round Wins | 12 Round Losses 
Organization: GEM 

Grand Finale Fixtures and Live Stream 

The Grand Finale takes place this Sunday, 28th of October. The players will play one another in a single elimination first-to-five.

  • Match 1 [17:00] - Semi Final: FTG Sho Kahn Vs GEM Mr 5000
  • Match 2 - Semi Final: FTG ACF17 Vs GEM ZaZa 
  • Match 3 - 3rd vs 4th Playoff
  • Match 4 - Grand Final 

You can catch all of the action on the ACGL YouTube Channel so be sure to subscribe not to miss a second of the action. 

Who do you think will win the Injustice 2 Legendary Series Grand Finale? 

Should you have any questions, comment or queries please be sure to let us know by commenting below or contacting us via one of our platforms below: 



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