The Injustice 2 Legendary Series came to an explosive end last night as the top four players from Sub Saharan Africa went up against one another to determine who would be crowned the champion. The Legendary Series has seen over eight weeks of competition where players have been fighting for their share of R12 000 in cash prizes. Last night, we saw two players from Zambia and two from South Africa battle it out, not only for the title but additionally for their nations pride. 

Zambia Vs South Africa - A Rivalry is born  

The Sub Saharan African Fight Game Community hasn't had too many opportunities to face off against one another in regular competition. Last year, the Injustice 2 South African Cup was announced, and the rest of Africa had to sit on the sidelines as they saw Brandon 'Sho Kahn' Jacobs lift the trophy and be crowned as the South African champion. 

Stepping into 2018 there was a hunger from the rest of the Sub Saharan African countries to prove their value and skills. Thankfully the Injustice 2 Legendary Series was announced, which opened up its doors to the African brethren that were left behind. While many players from various countries participated, it was the South African and Zambian factions which remained after the four weeks of qualifiers to push themselves through into the Legendary League. 

The League provided a battleground for the players from the two countries to test their might as they battled relentlessly for two weeks. After the blood was spilt and the wet soil was dusted, only four players remained lest standing to continue in their fight to become the Injustice 2 Legendary Series Champion. Out of the four remaining fighters, two were from South African and two from South Africa and as fate would have it; both semifinals would start with a South African facing against a Zambian. 

The Grand Final - The Final Four do battle 

The final four players were set to kick off the Grand Finals. 

  • Match 1 [17:00] - Semi Final: FTG Sho Kahn Vs GEM Mr 5000
  • Match 2 - Semi Final: FTG ACF17 Vs GEM ZaZa 
  • Match 3 - 3rd vs 4th Playoff
  • Match 4 - Grand Final 

FTG Sho Kahn and FTG ACF17 are from South Africa. GEM ZaZa and GEM Mr 5000 were the Zambian contingent. 

We've linked the video below should you not wish to read the rest of the article, which contains spoilers. 


Below are the results from the epic finale: 

  • Match 1 [17:00] - Semi Final: FTG Sho Kahn [5] Vs [2] GEM Mr 5000
  • Match 2 - Semi Final: FTG ACF17 [0] Vs [5] GEM ZaZa 
  • Match 3 - 3rd vs 4th: GEM Mr 5000 [5] vs [0] FTG ACF17
  • Grand Final  - FTG Sho Kahn [4] vs [5] GEM ZaZa

[View Bracket


  • 1st: GEM ZaZa - R5000 
  • 2nd: FTG Sho Kahn - R2000
  • 3rd: GEM Mr 5000 - R1000 
  • 4th: FTG ACF17 - R500


The Injustice 2 Legendary Series was an overwhelming success. We believe that it has set the tone for what is to follow in 2019. The Zambians proved their worth as they overthrew the South Africans on the pedestal to take the crown as the champions of Sub Saharan Africa.  A massive congratulations to GEM ZaZa who stood up against the undefeated FTG Sho Kahn when it mattered most to take the title. 

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