African Esports is on the rise as some of the best players across the continent have been showing their talent in the Injustice 2 Legendary Series. This past weekend, in the third online qualifier, an additional two players earned their spot in the Injustice 2 Legendary League. They will now join the four fighters that have been waiting on the sidelines for the kickoff of the Legendary League where cash and glory are on the line. 

 The Qualifiers (22 September) 

Once again, players from all around Sub-Saharan Africa gathered to the ACGL website at 14:00 (CAT) to find out who they would face in the third qualifier for the Legendary League. There were some interesting once we reached the semi-finals. 

In the first winner's bracket semi-final, we saw ZeeTheJanitor take on Elamac . Both of these players had built themselves a reputation, and no one really knew who would be the victor. ZeeTheJanitor was one of the Top 4 players in the Injustice 2 South African Cup and famously used his winnings to take part in the Viennality2k17 tournament. He, however, wasn't having the best time during the previous two qualifiers where he made an early exit on both occasions. 

Elamac, on the other hand, had previously ended in third place in the second online qualifier when he narrowly lost out to FTG ACG17. Clearly hungry for a spot in the Legendary League Elamac proved his worth as he narrowly edged out ZeeTheJanitor 2-1 to gain entry into the Winners Bracket Final. 

The second winner's bracket semi-final saw another tightly fought match as GEM ZaZa took on FTG Aryba Stacks. ZaZa managed to finish in third place in the first qualifier and sat out in the second online qualifier. Aryba Stacks has managed to get decent placements throughout the qualifiers, as he finished 6th in the first qualifier and fourth in the second qualifier. The match went to one-all after the first two matches. In the end, it was ZaZa who prevailed as he won 2-1 to progress through to the winner's bracket final. 

The loser's bracket saw N3W_Jakol make an extraordinary run. Falling to Elamac in the second round of the winner's bracket, N3W Jakol managed to turn up the heat and pushed his way past some big names in the loser's bracket, eventually defeating Aryba Stacks to make it through to the next day of play. 

ZeeTheJanitor also recovered from an early loss to push through to the final day of play. 

The Finals (23 September) 

On Sunday, we found ourselves with our Final Four: 

  • Winners Bracket Final: Elamac Vs GEM ZaZa
  • Losers Bracket Semi Final: N3w Jakol Vs ZeeTheJanitor 

If you don't want any spoilers, be sure to catch the video below: 


  • WB Final Elamac (2) Vs (0) GEM ZaZa 
  • LB Semi Final: N3w Jakol (2) Vs (1) ZeeTheJanitor 
  • LB Final: N3w Jakol (2) Vs (0) GEM ZaZa 
  • Final: Elamac (2) vs (0) N3w Jakol 

[View Bracket]


  • 1st - Elamac: R600 in cash and qualifies for the Legendary League
  • 2nd - N3w Jakol R400 in cash and qualifies for the Legendary League 

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