We are extremely happy to announce that we have more Gwent tournaments on the way for PlayStation 4 and PC players. That is not where the good news ends, as we will additionally be bringing our new community manager for Gwent on board.


We will be hosting two Gwent tournaments online on the 18th of March and 1st of April.

Tournaments registrations for the event on the 1st of April will open on the 19th of March.


  • 1st - 1200 Meteorite Powder
  • 2nd - 800 Meteorite Powder
  • 3rd - 600 Meteorite Powder


Jessica 'MissLadyJay' Maij was the one that got the ball rolling as she managed to convince us to host our very first Gwent tournament over two weeks ago.

Thanks to her support we managed to garner over 41 sign-ups for the respective platforms.

Since the completion of the successful tournaments, we have been trying to figure out what the next best step would be to grow this title. Firstly we need more regular tournaments, and secondly, we need someone that is passion-driven to lead this title forward.

We believe Jessica is the person to do exactly that as she picks up the mantle of becoming our Gwent Community Manager and tournament administrator.

We are very excited to see where this journey leads us to and we couldn't be prouder of having such a passionate individual join us as a part of the #ACGLFamily

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1 - CHECK IN AT 13:00 TO 13:50

Once the tournament registration close at 13:00, the Check In's for the tournament will begin.

Individuals can check into the tournament by clicking the following button, which is only displayed after registrations close.

Players that do not check in will be removed from the tournament.


The tournament bracket will be displayed at 14:00 on the tournament page. If you cannot see the bracket, please be sure to refresh your page.

The Tournament Bracket is found on the tournament page, under the tab named 'Bracket'

It should look similar  to the below:

From there  you will be able to view your match, click on the 'Lobby' Button and you will enter your match discussion.

Match Discussion (lobby)

In the match lobby, player must post the leaders of the 5 decks which they wish to play with.

The opposition must write which leader/deck they wish to ban


Once match bans are completed, the higher seeded player must invite their opposition to the game and continue with the match.

All matches must be played to a best of 3, except for the Semi Finals, Finals and 3/4th Match which will be best of 5.


Once the match has been played. Players must report their score on the tournament bracket.


We use Discord Live Support for all of our tournaments, so please be sure that join the ACGL server if you  have any questions, comments or queries.


If you have any questions, comments or queries please be sure to contact us via:



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