**UPDATE | 20 March 2020**

The global FIFA eNations Cup has officially been suspended until further notice. FIFA and its license partner EA have suspended the global leg of the event as many FIFA member associations struggle to host events due to the global corona virus crisis.


Registrations for the recently announced National Qualifiers are now open. Players on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can sign up and compete for a place on the South African Football Association's (SAFA) #eBafanaBanyana team.

Following 2019's inaugural tournament, South Africa will again be competing in this year’s FIFA eNations Cup. With official endorsement from FIFA and SAFA, the two platform winners will play to represent South Africa as one of 24 nations competing at the eNations Cup from 22 to 24 May 2020. The South African players will compete for their share of over a $100,000 prize pool in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The local qualifiers will be operated and managed by ACGL, and will be played online. Players signing up are pleased to note that there are some restrictions and requirements in place if you plan to compete.

Event info

  • The event will be managed and hosted online via the AGCL website
  • There is no entry fee, but participants must first register with AGCL to sign up
  • The qualifiers will be played on Xbox One and PS4 consoles
  • There is a 128-player limit per console category, and a single winner will be awarded in each platform category
  • Phase One (Group Stage) will be played from Saturday 21 March 2020 to Thursday 26 March 2020
  • Phase Two (Playoffs) will be on Saturday 28 March 2020 from 11h00, with a reserve day for playoffs will be Sunday 29 March 2020
  • Participants can play in the qualifiers from home or any other venue with an internet connection

Registration closes at 23h00 on Thursday 19 March 2020. Players will be seeded (where possible) in their groups and fixtures set on 20 March 2020. Players must arrange with their opponents to play their group stage matches on days and times that suit. All matches to be played and completed by 23h59 on Thursday 26 March. Completed match scores to be reported via the match page. Any disputes are to be made via the match page or Discord.


  • Participants must be at least 16 years old
  • Participants must be South African citizens and be residing in South Africa at the time of the qualifiers
  • Participants must be in possession of a valid ID document and passport
  • Each winner will require a valid Schengen VISA, at their own expense (FIFA and SAFA will assist with the supporting documents necessary for the application)
  • Hotel accommodation and an economy class return flight to London departing from the major airport closest to each winner’s residence will be provided by FIFA, but additional costs (for example transport to and from the airport) is at your own expense
  • Entrants will be registered, verified with Home Affairs and issued esports-specific identity cards by SAFA’s proprietary registration system, MYSAFA

Additional information

Any player currently serving a suspension is not allowed to participate.

We encourage anyone to enter the qualifier group stage event, even if you have never entered an event before or are not ranked by FIFA. However, the top ranked players based on the FIFA rankings and this will form the bases of our seed structure.

All players in the top 16 per platform will be vetted by FIFA / EA for any indiscretions.

Players that are found to be in contravention of the rules and regulations will be removed from further participation. In any matches that have not yet completed, the win will be awarded to the opposing player. However, matches that have already taken place will not be replayed. The results will be updated with the losing player being placed higher in the tournament standings.

Should a player win the tournament and then be found to have transgressed the the rules and regulations, the win will be awarded to the the second place player. This will also impact the awarding of eBafanaBanyana colours and the player will be stripped of all awards and or winnings.

For the detailed FAQ click here.

Registrations for the FIFA eNations Cup 2020 South African qualifiers are now open.



  • SpheM05 Mar 12:37

    Safa is giving an awosome opportunity to us thank you safa

  • benzo05 Mar 13:06

    WOW i believe this is a great opportunity for people like us to show our talent in fifa game,i have been playing fifa games since 2005 and i believe i can add value for south african side

  • zizipho05 Mar 15:29


  • Thabo Gift Ndyumbu05 Mar 21:10

    When you done registering what must I do?

  • ACGL_Dredd06 Mar 8:54

    You will get an email detailing the process. Matches are only scheduled to start 21 March.

  • Yoghurt Emnandi06 Mar 13:14

    Am I Already Registered? AS I'm Online Here

  • ACGL_Dredd06 Mar 13:46

    If you haven't signed up to the tournament itself, you are too late as the player cap has been reached.

  • Letlhogonolodouglasnkatlo09 Mar 22:55

    How do I sign up

  • ACGL_Dredd10 Mar 8:44

    Registrations are already full, so you will not be able to sign up currently.

  • Modirwa18 Mar 13:29

    hi guys...does anyone know how long it will take before second match of the group stage is played?

  • Getnathing20 Mar 16:50

    Have the emails been sent already?

  • Modirwa20 Mar 19:30

    I haven't received any email, we will not have to register again right?

  • ACGL_Dredd20 Mar 19:33

    The qualifier has been suspended by SAFA.

  • ACGL_Dredd20 Mar 19:33

    The qualifier is suspended.

  • Modirwa20 Mar 19:35

    All confirmed participants will not have to register again right?

  • ACGL_Dredd20 Mar 19:37

    There is no indication of when - or if - the qualifier will happen. It could be months from now. We will only have answers when the current world crisis is over.

  • Modirwa20 Mar 19:37

    Thanks mate.

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