22 Aug 12:55

Since the start of the Debonairs Pizza series in March, we've been looking to keep things as fresh as possible every few months. For September we're changing things up again with a number of qualifying rounds in the first part of the month leading to the final week with a bigger prize pool.

Fear not however, as there will be a few single night cups offering a prize pool too, but most roads will lead to week four of September. We are also conscious of the fact that September features two major expos in Comic Con and rAge, so we will not be hosting crucial qualifiers during that week.


The September schedule in the Debonairs Pizza series is as follows:

  • 1 September: Black Ops 4 | 5v5 | PS4 | R1,000 winner-takes-all
  • 3 September: Fortnite | 1v1 | All | Top 8 Qualify
  • 4 September: Black Ops 4 | 2v2 | PS4 | XB1 | Top 4 Qualify
  • 5 September: Clash Royale | 1v1 | Mobile | Top 4 Qualify
  • 7 September: Fortnite | 2v2 | All | R500 winner-takes-all
  • 10 September: Fortnite | 1v1 | All | Top 8 Qualify
  • 11 September: Black Ops 4 | 2v2 | PS4 | XB1 | Top 4 Qualify
  • 12 September: Clash Royale | 1v1 | Mobile | Top 4 Qualify
  • 14 September: Fortnite | 2v2 | All | R500 winner-takes-all
  • 14 September: Overwatch | 1v1 | PC | R500 winner-takes-all
  • 17 September: Fortnite | 1v1 | All | Top 8 Qualify
  • 18 September: Black Ops 4 | 2v2 | PS4 | XB1 | Top 4 Qualify
  • 19 September: Clash Royale | 1v1 | Mobile | Top 4 Qualify

For qualifying players and teams only:

  • 24 September: Fortnite | 1v1 | All | R2,000
  • 25 September: Black Ops 4 | 2v2 | PS4 | R2,000
  • 25 September: Black Ops 4 | 2v2 | XB1 | R2,000
  • 26 September: Clash Royale | 1v1 | Mobile | R1,500

The prize pool breakdown for the month-long series are:

  • Fortnite: R1,000 | R600 | R400
  • Clash Royale: R750 | R500 | R250
  • Black Ops 4: R1,000 | R600 | R400 (per platform)

Registrations are open for some of the titles already, with the rest opening soon. Keep your eye on the Debonairs Pizza Series landing page for more.

The match-finder ladders will continue and give you the opportunity to compete more in your preferred game. Complete five ladder matches in a week, and you will be added to a draw for a R100 pizza voucher. The match-finder is open from 5pm to 10pm during the week and from 10am to 10pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Additional information and registration links can be found at:

The Debonairs Pizza series would not be possible without DEBONAIRS PIZZA SOUTH AFRICA. Follow them here:  Twitter |Facebook | Instagram

If you have any additional comments, questions or queries please contact us via our social media or email us at


I don't have a Gamer Account
To play online you need the specific title/platform's account. That is done via the game/platform.
Do we just need to finish top 4 once or do we have to play every single time leading up to the 25th?
You just need to place top 4 once.
How will the clash royale tournament work
You play on one of the qualifying nights. If you finish top 4 in any of the qualifying nights, you will play on 26 September against the other qualifiers for the R1,500 prize pool up for grabs.
Can a foreign participate?
You can only compete if you are based in sub-Saharan Africa.
hi admin, i won and posted my results but do i need to screenshot and post my results as well?
clash royale*
Live tournament support is via the respective match page or Discord.
What happens when u place top 4 in 2 tournements? Do they take the 5th guy?
Hi Admin, your rules description is in "1v1 Clash Royale Debonairs Qualifier 12-09 " are incorrect, its the Fortnite things there and not clash. Incorrect copy paste lol ;)
Hi admin do u know whag time the 2v2 tournament on the 14th is?
Times are listed on the tournament page for that tournament. However, check-in is from 18h00. Matches from 19h00.
Last week for solo fortnite qualifier it said top 8 now for this one it says top 4 does the top 8 or 4 from last one qualify?
Always top 8 for Fortnite. This week's information has been updated on the page.
Hi @admin, what happens when someone quilifys twice for clash Royale in the top 4, Do they pick #5?
Hi @admin, what happens when someone quilifys twice for clash Royale in the top 4, Do they pick #5?
Yes, the highest seeded participant from the 5th-8th places is awarded the spot.
Hi @admin what is your discord channel?
couldn't check in since the check-in time started please help....
@admin hi I won last weeks fortnite duo R500, does that mean I qualify to play the solo R1000 tourney? If so it wont let me sign up
@admin it won't let me sign up for the solo R1000 tourney. Do u need requirement and if so please tell me what do need to play. Thanks