September's Debonairs Pizza Series has focused on three titles, which will culminate in the finals in the last week of the month. However, to be competing in those finals, you will need to have secured a spot, which can only be done by way of the qualifiers. As we hit the middle of the month, we also hit the start of the final week of qualifiers.


With R2,000 cash split between the top three and eight spots per qualifier up for grabs, the two qualifiers have already seen over 200 entrants. Sign ups are welcome for the third and final qualifier on 17 September. Finish top eight on the night and you will move on to face the current 16 qualified players:

This weekend (on Saturday 14 September) there is also a 2v2 tournament with a R500 winner-takes-all cash prize.

Black Ops 4

The current Call of Duty title offers a R2,000 cash prize pool on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The series is a 2v2 competition and on 18 September, the final four teams per platform will be decided. Sign ups are open, and should you qualify, you will find the following teams waiting for you on 25 September:

PlayStation 4

Xbox One

Clash Royale

Since launching Clash Royale on our site, the game has proved popular, and the last two qualifiers proved there is a fanatical fanbase for the game locally. The prize pool come the finals on 26 September is R1,500, and will see four qualifiers from each of the three series tournaments competing. The final qualifier is on 19 September.

One additional one-night cup will be happening for Overwatch fans. Up for grabs on 18 September in the 1v1 competition will be R500 for the winner. Registrations are open.

The match-finder ladders continue throughout the month. Up for grabs if you complete five ladder matches in a week, is a random draw for a R100 pizza voucher. The match-finder is open from 5pm to 10pm during the week and from 10am to 10pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Additional information and registration links can be found at:

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